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  1. Yes, I'm talking about the autoinjector. Unfortunately Imitrex in vials is forbidden here in the Netherlands. Has to do with hygiene and safety
  2. B.t.w. thanks to this wonderful site, people and the organisation. It took me a while to start with the mushrooms but after visiting this site I was convinced. The information on this site was splendid and helped me a lot. In the Netherlands we are also united with a group of people who suffer from CH. I'm telling them there about my experiences and a few of them are very interested and will now follow my (your) footsteps.
  3. Hi Didgens, I took Mexicana Mushrooms. I'm happy to live in a country which is very open minded towards these kind of things. I can just go to a store around the corner and buy them.
  4. Hi CHFather, thx for the welcome. I'm still amazed to see that Sun and Glaxo are only making the medicine in 6mg/0.5ml. Beside that I called them I also wrote 4 letters to our 4 biggest health-insurance-companies asking them about their opinion and if they can help us. I did this a few days ago and I'm waiting for their answer. I think it's ridiculous that we have to take the injections apart ourselves. Another thing, I started the clusterbustermethod a month ago and eversince then I'm pain and attack free, this after 12 years of Ch, the last 3 years it was chronic. Wish you all a painfre
  5. Hai, IÂ’m Emil, 44 years old and from the Netherlandsand new on this forum. I have searched in this forum but not found an answer yet to my question. I am using Sumatriptan injections and I donÂ’t need the whole injection, just half of the medicine will do. So what I do is I take the injection apart and make 2 out of 1. This is done by many CH-patients. I contacted the pharmaceutics Sun and GlaxoSmithKline to ask them if it would be possible to get our medicine in different kind of quantaties. Their answer was: Yes, technicly itÂ’s possible but it will cost too much money so will we not d
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