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  1. That's right, after flipping back and forth about giving me preventative meds or not, I stopped seeing her. No, She doesn't work for the Diamond Headache Clinic - she's a local "specialist" Diamond Headache Clinic used to have a branch near us, but now only in Chicago as far as I know.... we so HATE to drive to Chicago... parking is outrageous, thugs trying to sell you post cards that they got for free at the train station... it's just not somewhere I enjoy being.
  2. By symptoms that last up to 3 days, sometimes my headaches last for a period as long as 3 days in a row. Sensitivity to light doesn't happen often, but where I work there are bright fluorescent lights that I sit under that sometimes cause me problems when I'm having a headache and I have to shield my eyes. Again, that doesn't happen all the time either. My Wife went to Diamond Headache Clinic, she saw Dr. Pepper. She no longer has headaches, after she stopped taking birth control the headaches stopped for her. I used to have to inject her with Toradol, and I wasn't at all comfortable injecting someone using a syringe with a 2 1/2 inch needle. The headache specialist I saw came in the room, said "Hi" and walked out. 15 minutes later she came in and says "Oh, you didn't change into a gown" I said "You didn't tell me to change into a gown, you just came in and said hi and then left the room for 15 minutes" She said "I didn't give you a gown to put on?" I said "No, I don't have a gown do I?" She tells me I don't get headaches enough for preventative medicine. Then the next visit she tells me "Oh, you get quite a few headaches, we should put you on preventative meds" The meds she ended up giving me made me unable to walk/talk/think/function for a whole weekend.
  3. CHFather, I opted for the needle free version of the Imitrex because I don't like needles very much! When I was on Oxygen it was cost prohibitive given my budget at the time, it was years ago and I probably didn't give it a fair trial at the time but, like I said it was cost prohibitive given my budget at the time. As for the set-up, I don't remember anything special about it, it was just a small bottle of oxygen with a cheap plastic type mask. I used the term Cluster Migraines because that is the term my Doctor has been using. I know when I was diagnosed in the early 90's I was told they were cluster headaches. The symptoms I have are: Icepick pain on one side of your head near or behind your eye - YES, sometimes to the point that I cry and have been known to punch myself in the head to try to gain relief somehow (o.k., I'm not very proud of that fact, but I have done it)[br] Red/inflamed: “red eye” - YES[br] lacrimation - YES[br] Symptoms that last for up to 3 days at a time - YES[br] Sensitivity to light - YES[br] Nasal congestion; rhinorrhea - YES[br] Forehead sweating - YES[br] Ptosis - YES (In the early 90's when this first started my one Eye looked partly closed, but hasn't happened since)[br] Eyelid edema - YES[br] Inability or near inability to remain still or lay down during an attack - NO[br] /me
  4. Welcome, Fester. Here's where you'd start researching seeds: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1290128974 But I think we'd definitely want to hear more about you. You have a specific diagnosis of Cluster Headache? If so, what was prescribed to you? What meds have you taken and what are you taking now? You have oxygen? Please give us some background. Well, I started with cluster migraines in the early 90's. I've been on quite a few meds, nose spray, oxygen, imitrex, Vicodin, Percocet. All sorts of pills you have to take daily, although I am not good at taking pills every day, day in and day out. I went to a headache specialist (who turned out to be quite flakey!) Now all I use are percocet and Sumavel DosePro needle free delivery system.
  5. Kyle, that's why I went with a kit, less room for error, it's all there and I didn't have to search half the state to find everything. I may or may not have experimented with marijuana :-) and it was an expensive fiasco that in the end yielded impressive plants but anemic buds. Too much time and hassle and a hell of a lot of money down the drain. All in all I'm hoping mushrooms are a much better option. On top of the grow kit and spore syringes I also ordered a "00" capsule filling machine and veggie caps so I can get the dosage more precise.
  6. Thanks Bonkers, I should be able to set everything up this week.
  7. I won't know what spore syringes I got until I receive them, but based on customer feedback they have included in the past: Mexi-Cub, John Allen, Ecuador, Amazon, B+, Cambodian, Golden Teacher, Hawaiian, BT, Alacabenzi, and Creeper syringes.
  8. I bought the Mega Mushroom Growing and Incubator Kit from Midwest Grow kits, which contains the following: 18 Ultimate ½ pint substrate Jars- Pressure sterilized and ready to grow! Mega Growing, Incubating Chamber System- 56 Quart size! Grow up to 30 jars at once! Digital Thermometer with Hygrometer/humidity gauge Electric 50W Adjustable under-tank heating pad with adjustable thermostat Custom Hydroponic Humidifier Electric Air Pump, ultra silent 2 Silicone Air filtration hoses with 2 HEPA filters built in Heavy duty electric timer with 24 on/off settings per day 2 Grow lights, one incandescent and one LED 2 Gallons of Perlite- Fine, imported, specially formulated horticulture grade Hospital grade Latex Gloves Alcohol swabs Easy to follow growing guide with step by step photo instructions. Includes our secret tips, tricks and hints that other grow guides leave out. Includes how to incubate, how to fruit, casing methods, and quick way to dry your harvest in 24 hours Midwest Grow Kit's Mega Mushroom growing kit is the biggest shippable kit on the market today! Look around! If quantity is what you desire look no further! This kit comes with 18 jars but can hold up to 30 at once! With 3 cubic feet of room the Mega Mushroom kit comes with a hydroponic humidifier to ensure perfect humidity levels are reached. This kit is completely automated! Perfect temperature and humidity are easily achieved for each stage of the process! Set it up in minutes! We make growing mushrooms easy! All of our kits are extremely easy to use and require only 1 step to start your mushroom adventure! Grow your exotics or edibles in Mega quantities! This kit will be used as an incubator during the first few weeks. This allows for faster colonizing times! This kit will obtain perfect temperature and humidity levels without you ever being around! We take you through the entire process from start to finish. The PF style substrate jars are specially formulated to grow faster, larger and quicker than any other kit out there! Growing has never been easier! 1 step easy! Our Ultimate substrate jars are the quite possibly the best on the net! We have worked for over 10 years looking for perfection! We finally found it! We have combined special organic brown rice flour with vermiculite, mineral water, Liquid worm castings and Bee pollen to create the Ultimate mushroom growing jars! We do not stock pile jars like other sites! We hand make every jar the morning your kit ships so your jars are the freshest possible! They are pressure sterilized at 15 psi in our Autoclave for 120 minutes. $139 w/ FREE SHIPPING! And the Mushroom syringes are from Spores101: Random Grab Bag of 4 Cubensis Syringes When we have excess stock on certain strains we can offer you a better deal. Its important to move out the product as fast as possible to maintain shelf life. To help move these items out we have put together a random selection of psilocybe cubensis spore syringes and reduced the price to less than $9.00 per syringe. For $35.00 plus shipping you will get 4 quality spore syringes in a 10ml syringe. Your Price: $35.00
  9. Thanks Bejeeber and Davidj, I will take a look at the seeds, I've never heard of them... I guess I have some more research to do!! And I'm also hoping the mushrooms will work as well. In the early 90's my CH's started, I had a migraine everyday for an entire year... back then I was so drugged up on prescription pills I got written up at work. Then all of the sudden the CH's stopped... fast forward to 2008 and they returned. :-(
  10. I just ordered a complete grow kit, with 4 random spore syringes and a capsule filling machine. This is my last hope for my CH. I've used up all my sick/vacation time at work and now every FMLA day is unpaid which starts to hurt after a while :0(