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  1. Franx

    4ACO DMT / 4PO DMT

    In my case in 99% of the time the CH comes at night in my second to thirth hour of sleep. It happens once that an attack came during work. It was horror. Just for that I always carry 2-3 mg 4-ACO-DMT with me. This amount is enough to kill an attack quickly but does not interfere with my activities. I have not tried 4-ACO-DMT as an preventative. On the 19th of this month I took a full dosis LSD to break the cycle and hopefully bust. Since then uptill now I'm CH free! LSD helped me in the past and in my case its more lasting and long term effective then psilocybine or their counterparts.
  2. Franx

    4ACO DMT / 4PO DMT

    I used 4-ACO-DMT as well as 4-HO-MET. Both work fine to abort an upcoming attack. With these compounds its possible to micro-dose exactly to avoid a full psychedelic trip. 2-5 mg of either compound will do the trick (based on my personal experience and that of two CH-friends) There are no negative side-effects.