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  1. Many thanks Les. I have passed this information on to my son. I will let you know how he progresses. As you say, getting a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold and so are you!! G Lass
  2. Les, I got some of the liquorice tincture for my son. He has come off the Verapamil and has started taking the tincture. He is a chronic sufferer of CH. He started taking it whenever he got the beginnings of a CH and sometimes it does stop it developing. The good news is when he takes it at night he doesn't wake up in the night with one like he used to.He used to get 2 clusters a night. He is still getting clusters but this tincture is helping. He is still on injections though. He is still very nervous about taking it to counteract a full blown cluster. I'm not sure what he means about that no
  3. He's waiting on a MRI scan at the moment and blood tests. Thanks for asking
  4. Hello Les, I just wanted to thank you very much for all the information you have put on here. Also for trying to help all who have these terrible CH's. My heart goes out to you for all your kindness. Hope you keep up the good work. We need people like you. Best Wishes GL
  5. Many thanks Beejeebers. You've been a great help.
  6. I have sent for some of this Liquorice for my son. I have also sent him all the information I have kindly been given from all you lovely people. I'm hoping this helps him. As a matter of interest, I have been reading all the different cases on here. It seems that a lot of people walk about a lot when having the CH. My son lies on the floor and holding his head and writhing about and his leg seems to have marked tremours or spasms at the same time. I haven't seen him walking about but I live 60 miles away so only know what I've seen. After taking the injection and it reducing the CH he goes
  7. No sooner said than done. These have gone to my son. Many thanks Bejeeber
  8. Many thanks Clustermom13 now I can send him a lot more information. GL
  9. I have been trying to send these pages by email to him but it won't accept them as an attachment. Is there some way I can get them to him. They are too long for me to type all out so I have asked him if he will go on this site and hear what you kind people have to say. CHfather No I don't think you are argumentative just very kind and helpful. Thank you for your comments. Thanks to all of you Marina
  10. It seems I pressed a wrong button here before I finished my message sorry not used to this. My son came on to the internet years ago for help and was told to try a london clinic. I'm not sure but think the person he saw was a Mr Goadsby. Anyway he put him on to the injections but his doctor said he would not give him them as they would eventually kill him. The man in London then wrote to his doctor telling him to give him them. Over the years he seems to have tried everything he could. The trouble now is his health is really deteriating. The liquorice root tincture is something he hasn
  11. While I really appreciate your suggestions and your interest I came on here because he has already tried everthing els. Oxygen didn't work for him.
  12. Thanks again Les, You're right about the damage these are doing to him. He has shortage of breath. His legs are all swollen, He has difficulty walking long distances, although he can walk short distances. Just lately he has found he can't lift heavy things without gasping for breath. I went to see him a few days ago and he had a CH then. It grieves me watching him slowly deteriate. He has an appointment at the doctors on 20th jan although he says he hasn't any faith in them any more and I think he's worried he will have to give up his job.He had to give up his job as heavy goods driver. He h
  13. Thanks very much Les. I will order some for him. At the moment he is taking Verapamil and Sumitripton which he was told he could only take for 10 years as they would affect his heart and he's been taking them for about 9, Many many thanks for this Les.
  14. Hello I live in England and have found a site called organic-herbal-remedies.co.uk Would it be all right to get their ORGANIC LIQUORICE GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA TINCTURE. Is this the same as you are talking about Les. I'm new on here so not sure if I have it right but would love to get it for my son who I wrote about on here. If this is all right I will send for some for him. Thank you very much for your time.
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