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  1. What should I do? I don't want to block my busting because I want to try the RC seeds when I get them.
  2. Update........ I went to see my doctor and he wasn't willing to give me oxygen for my CH. but he did prescribe me imatrix nasal spray and valproic acid. Two questions, how will that help if it does? And will it block my busting with RC seeds/mushrooms? I've been taking it for 3 days now and no > Relief! Pls help
  3. The mushrooms are extremely potent. I have looked in to seeds and ordered a batch online. I will be looking in to oxygen as well. I tried mushrooms last night again it was 6 days since my last dose and I was able to sleep with the help of melatonin. I had a attack around 10 am at work it was about a 5. So I was able to mask the pain! I'm so happy to find you guys and have a very supportive girlfriend things don't seem so dark anymore and I don't feel alone in this extremely difficult fight! As my girlfriend always tells me Keep your head up god gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers! Thank everyone for their replies and keep them coming I'm always willing to try new things and learn new ways to fight the beast!
  4. Thanks a lot guys, I joined this site yesterday and I'm a little disappointed I didn't join it 3 years ago! All of the advice was extremely helpful and its always good to hear it from other cluster heads who know what it's like. I understand that this will be a constant battle in my life and the beast is always waiting for the right moment to attack. I have little to no knowledge on RC seeds, what is it? And how do I try and get that? Thank you so much
  5. Hi fellow clusterheads, I've been a clusterhead for 8 years now, 5 of them were undiagnosed! After 2 years of countless meds that never worked I found out about magic mushrooms and the possibility of helping with cluster headaches! At the end of my rope I figured what the hell? If it killed me at least I wouldn't be in pain anymore. I ate them and I was reborn! The pain was gone a slight shadow but no pain. I went a week with nothing no pain or shadows but then it came back. I ate more and my cluster was completely gone for 1 year up until last week. I did the same dose as before and felt great and it took the pain away until I went to sleep and was awaken almost instantly with a bad cluster attack. I tried again the following day with the same results. I haven't had more than 2 hrs of sleep a night in over a week and I'm puzzled to why it isn't helping me anymore the way it did! Can anyone help me or at least give me answers to why this wouldn't work after such great success the first time? I used to be scared of Freddie Krueger when I was a child never knowing that when I got older I would meet a nightmare that was much worse! Thanks in advance
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