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  1. Well, the next night (Friday) I had a gig and I was terrified of getting hit onstage (hey lookit the guitar player - why's he bashing his head on the floor monitor?) so I mixed up a batch and had it at the ready because I've actually aborted a banger by gulping a dose right after it started - took about 15 or 20 minutes to take effect. Thank God, I made it through OK. I dosed after I got home, hung out for a bit then took an Ambien and crashed (got that idea from Bob and next day everything was fine. Still planning on every five days for awhile, though. Why did this stoopid crap wait til th
  2. So I figure I knew a little about CH, having dealt with it on & off for 17 years. Wrong. After a long hiatus, our ol' buddy paid me a visit in February. Started dosing with HBWR, which has worked for me in the past very well, and it went away after about six weeks (instead of the 5 months it used to take). So I figure I'm out the woods for a while, right? But night before last I'm sitting on the couch watching TV with the wife, when - booom! - I get clobbered. Wasn't a bad one, but still, this is a new wrinkle for me. What the !#@*^!~ is going on?
  3. Booboo - After my 2nd cycle (2001) of 5 months, I was left with constant pain under/behind right eye - it was severe - for over a year before it finally faded. This was before busting, or before I was aware of it anyway. Almost drove me nuts - it was 24/7. I always thought it was due to nerve damage, since cluster pain results from the nerve being squeezed by swelling arteries, or so I understand. I will give the ginger (powdered, not 2-legged) a try for current shadows, maybe in some warn tea. But hey, Ginger, if you're in the neighborhood... MJ
  4. Moxie - HBWR stands for Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose, a plant grown in tropical and sub-tropical climes. CB'ers have known about them (their seeds) ;Dfor some time, I think before RC's. They've performed miracles for me on 2 occasions, and I hope this time, too - if I can get some that didn't come over on the Mayflower... ;D
  5. So as soon as I'm sure that it's really beastie-boy returning (and not some bowhunter accidentally shooting me in the eye) I order some HBWR's from the gettin-place, by Fedex, and they arrive 3 days later. Since it's been awhile (7 yrs) since I've had to do this - I guess it ain't supposed to make sense, is it? - I asked for some advice on a previous post because my initial dose didn't seem to effect anything like it did the last 2 times, when it knocked ol' beastie out the park. I learned the "float test" - thank you Rufftime - and found out that over 2/3 of the seeds I got were bad - hard,
  6. g-man


    Thanks to all for the replies - although I'd love to hear from BobW - and I do remember TommyD from years ago, OK - we're all different, aren't we? I have no problem dosing with HBWR - enjoy it actually - whereas shrooms are a different story. Ruff, you may be somewhat allergic to it and that's what causes the itching - I don't have that at all. As for shrooms, the taste (bleahhhh) , the anxiety period, whether the rest of the time will be pleasant or really really not pleasant, is my complaint. I went for too much the first time (2g) and almost lost it, but even at 1/2g I didn't like it, an
  7. markd - you're right - shrooms take too long. HBWR killed my last two cycles and I'm using them now for this current one (after 7 years of freedom). I'm sure there is plenty of info on here about it but after so long away I'm not sure what I'm allowed to relate. The old boys here can tell you. But it's quick to get and easy to process and far less intense than shrooms. Please try it - it saved my pore ol wrinkled butt. MJ
  8. g-man


    J, Thanks for the reply. I guess my main concern is, the 2 times HBWR saved the day I never got a screamer after the initial dose - the cycle started receding immediately; the hits I got were all under k-4, and all symptoms were gone within 2 wks. I never used more than 6 seeds if memory serves. I was planning on dosing again tonight as I feel pretty sure I'm gonna get hit again and not thrilled about waiting 5 days, but if that's what it takes, I'll defer to "proper" protocol. Question: can you prep your dose and then stash it in the 'fridge til needed, or will it reduce the effectiven
  9. g-man


    I'll try to keep this short. After 7 years, the beast is back; I was a regular here for a long time (Psyloscribe- that's you, Bob, ain't it? Lost yer ph#). Last 2 cycles I killed with HBWR: one in mid-cycle, the last one never really got cranked up. Thought I was home-free; guess not. Anyway, this started 2 wks ago, I've dosed 3 times but the cycle still seems to be progressing - had a KIP 7 or 8 awhile ago. So: bad batch of seeds (I do get a buzz)? Dose daily as opposed to 3 days between? Increase dose? Sure don't want to go back to conventional meds (don't work) unless something new has appe
  10. Hi guys - it's been 7 years but last night the beast came a-knockin' again. I used HBWR's with great success, and can again, but since I've been out of touch so long, maybe there is new info you could share. Bob W, if you see this, hello and I lost yer ph# or I'd call you. PFDAN everyone! MJ
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