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  1. Thanks for the input Spiny and bejeeber. So just an update on the Lomerizine. I'm cautiously hopeful that it's actually working. I started on them on Monday night and have slowly gotten better, Last night into the morning I only had a CH that i had to abort with zomig at 11ish pm and then 6:30am. I actually slept through the night. Today I've only had one shadow around 2pm that went away with just a monster energy drink. I was able to hit the gym again yesterday and today, first time in almost 3 weeks. edit* actually having a shadow now as I write this, edit edit* it went away wit
  2. So I got back from the neurologist. It's a no go on the O2. They just don't prescribe it for take home use I guess, I asked like 5 times if it was impossible, and i got fuzzy answers... I got 3 options from him: stay on zomig, get imigran injections, or try a preventative called lomerizine. I still have a largish stock of zomig so I didn't choose that. I tried imigran tablets before and they didn't seem to work, so I assume the injection wouldn't either...? anyone know differently? So i'm giving this lomerizine a shot without any real hope of it working.
  3. Thanks for the answer to that question Bejeeber, now I'll push even harder for that O2 when I see the doc on Monday, I just realized I have no idea how to say oxygen in Japanese, i'll have to look that up.
  4. Thanks for the reply and wishes Denny! Yeah i'm getting slammed alright, perhaps he's making up for being late, this is the first summer cycle i've ever had as far as I can remember. Anyways, I was just thinking that since triptans have been known to increase frequency of clusters during a period perhaps they could bring on one that starts a cycle. Long shot but wanted to check if it's happened to anyone else. I'm also hoping those first headaches were actually CH which would mean i'll be getting out of this cycle sooner, but I drank alcohol during that period with no consequence
  5. So about 3 weeks or so ago I woke up with a headache, I didn't think it was a cluster, didn't feel exactly like one although it did originate in my shoulder up my neck on only on the side of my head that clusters happen. Also the pain only reached about a 3 on the cluster scale. I may have just been in denial though. So i took some otc headache meds and went back to sleep. A couple days later I had another one, the otc didn't work so I tried my zomig that I had stockpiled for clusters that I expected back in March/April but never happened. Anyways, it worked. Throughout that week I go
  6. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't able to make it to the doctor yesterday so I will have to try on Monday. I'm really hoping to get some 02 but I don't know, doctors in Japan are weird... About the seeds, I was really trying to look into the legality of it (not of consumption, just of possession) but came up empty. I'm really paranoid about it because i've been a teacher here for over 5 years now and don't want to lose my job over trying to get medicine... One thing that ups my paranoia is this article: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/06/19/national/crime-legal/strict-drug-la
  7. Hi all, I wanted to thank you all for the mental support I received from finding this site and knowing there were others out there that know what I go through. I found this site 2 years ago during a cluster period and am only getting around to posting now. I'm a 36 year old male. I've had episodic CH for over ten years now. Well that is as far as I can remember putting the pieces together that it was happening around once a year and for 4-8 weeks. I do however have a memory of dealing with a really bad cluster in highschool after drinking, and at least one cluster period during colleg
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