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  1. OK, well what about other ergot derivative drugs?
  2. Wow, that's no good. Are there any other ergot derivative drugs that don't have these unpleasant side effects? Or it this another reason to actually go into cluster busting?
  3. Hello! Has anyone who's had success with clusterbusting "gone legal" with prescription ergot-based drugs? Specifically, I was looking at methysergide. I haven't had success with HBWR or MG. Years ago, I had some tea with "little helpers", and I experienced headache relief -- but at the time I thought it was just altered perception; I didn't know any better! I would be nervous about trying to procure a treatment myself, so I wonder if anyone else has taken this route. Would I have to doctor shop? Should I be honest with them? How many doctors know about clusterbusting, anyway?
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