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  1. Hi, I have used o2 with some success. Works about 30% of the time. About two years ago I was in Jamaica for vacation when CH hit. I had my injections with me but used as little as possible. Tried energy shots. Didn't work. Tried meditation. No go. Had to leave early to get back so I could try O2. This episode O2 didn't work. Most of my life I would get them for exactly 30 days and then gone for about one year and then back. The last number of years I would get them for 60 days and sometimes on both sides of my head. Last year they tried to come on but left after about a week so this time coming I am expecting the worst. I have stocked up on sumatriptan but I don't like to use it unless it is a bad one and I haven't had much sleep in awhile. Most of my life I just gut it out. I usually only get one a day but in the last number of years it can be two or three a day. When I lived in NYC in the 70s I went to a conference and was surprised to find so many like me there. Back then not much was known. We were trying anything to fix the problem. I even tried a chiropractor for a number of months because he said this would fix anything. All I got out of that was a stiff neck and less money in my bank account. Now this magic mushroom is looking better. It was on the national news last night saying it helps cancer patients. I would like to try but don't no where to buy them since they are illegal. We just voted here in Maine to legalize pot which is good. O well I will just keep trying.
  2. I am 72 now and have CH since I was 21. Episodic. Went to headache specialist back in the 60's and was diagnosed. I have tried every drug there was. Some which worked and most didn't. The ones that worked had such bad side effects I would stop taking them. For the past 10 years I have been using Sumatriptan injections which work great but has been noted had some side effects. Are there anyone here that is over 70 and what have you been using to combat CH?
  3. Does anybody know if you can get 3mg shots? I tend to od on the stuff.
  4. I am 68 and started getting CH after I got out of the Navy when I was around 22. Back then not much was known about them. Found a doctor in Boston who was aware of them and since started taking pharmaceuticals with limited or no success. Since I just started my annual CH I get back on the forums to see what is going on and as usual not much. Got my stash of Imitrex, some of which is over two years old but still works and just got some O2 which my gap insurance pays 80%. Since I am in the GOLDEN YEARS I was picturing me, not to far in the future, with my walker having an episode and scrambling for all this stuff that is needed, towels, kleenex, O2, Imitrex as I crawl to the crapper. Not a pretty picture. Hope I will grow out of them soon. Been to long.
  5. I have been using expired ones with no problem. I have had these CH for 50+ years and have used the injections for about 4 years. Never could afford it. Now I save up for the episode. Wish I could grow out of them. I am pushing 70 and this is getting annoying.
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