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  1. JamesF

    Medical Marijuana

    Well, I had some indica again last night along with beer, red wine, and a small shot of tequila(it was my birthday party) and no CH for the second night in a row. I am in GA and do not have access to edibles.
  2. JamesF


    Sleepless, your case sound much like mine. 15 year episodic. Pred/verapamil regimen usually knocked out my cycle in a weeks time for years. I would stop the verapamil after the cycle was broken. 3 years ago the Pred/verap regimen didn't work and then didn't work again when it was represcribed. That is when I started researching the web and found this site and the ch.com site. I started the D3 regimen and within 5 days my cycle stopped and I stayed on it and had no signs of a ch for three years. I got sloppy with my regimen and then forgot my stuff before going on a trip to work at the family coast place in GA and caught something like the flu and was bed ridden for a few days but was off the regimen for at least 5 days. Not very long afterward I got a small ch. Four days later I started getting hammered. My neuro started me back on the Pred/Verap regimen. My ch stopped the first day of prednisone. I got 8 days of PF. Felt great. Then day 10 they came back. I haven't been able to bust it. I have microdosed mm and increased my D3, etc. Still taking verapamil, which made me feel pretty weird this time when first doing 2 240 veraps/day. Prednisone makes my whole body feel good due to the decreased inflammation. Certainly not good for you but if my neuro would give me another round right now I would take it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't do a third round. I wouldn't be freaked out by your first round at all.
  3. JamesF

    Medical Marijuana

    Extremely small sample, but, I am episodic and have been in one of the most vicious cycles I have experienced. I haven't had a CH in three years after starting the famous D3 regimen, thanks to Batch, and now I am getting hammered every night. With apologies to all the chronic sufferers for complaining/whining at all about what little pain I suffer in comparison to you folks, I smoked some indica last night and did not have a ch for the first night in two weeks. Tried it again tonight so we will see. It was one great night off tho. I haven't smoked weed in half a year. Good to read that someone is getting relief thru maryjane.
  4. That is interesting about the vials. He mentioned they used to be able to get them so I am not sure he knows about that. I will check with him on that. This injector is a tank.
  5. Looks like it is made by TEVA. Thanks
  6. I got some new imitrex injections and, unlike my old injectors, these must cost $50 to produce and they did not intend for someone to open them. I literally sawed each end off with my leatherman while in a hotel room in FL. After working on the thing for 30 mins I cut off something that was holding the pressure back from the capsule containing the fluid and it shot the fluid out. So I lost the shot completely instead of being able to divide it up.