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  1. blueballs am cool thank you.but i was proper spannered on them i realy cant see point in buying HD tvs because i ad 10 HBWR seeds last and i was see in hd 3d the lot ..lol dont tell no one but av got a dog and i think he knows..lol
  2. thanks for your concern ive only discovered about seeds this week on this site i live in england you just cant get them here not rc seeds anyway i dont think managed to get sum hbwr seeds tho i did that dose last nite and its the first nite in 6 weeks av slept allnight without waking up at 1am then 4am with the usaly 10 mins to a hour of well its just troture init realy.i dont for a minate think am cure or owt but i dont half feel better for a good sleep...
  3. Is that how you measure ALL your medications? By what looks like enough? Bob > i know bob it dosnt sound very big or clever and your right mate its NOTthe right thing to do. but i wasnt very sure ive used lsd before when i was younger in my rave days 2oyrs ago so i was not to scared if you like about the effects but i didnt expect them to be as strong as they where...lol sorry i caused you to put a angry face on.
  4. reigt av read the links twice then again cushed up 4 into a powder didnt look much soooo ended up crushing 10 soaked them in water 4 an hour and here we go... thanks again everyone 4 help i got a bit confused brew cheers mate wish me luck will let you know how i go
  5. just peel them and eat them brew ? thanks again
  6. thanks very much brew i was going to eat them all but will only try 2-3 mabay now i reakon..lol
  7. hello evrey one am a newbee here just joined .well am 40 got cch and going proper crazy am sure you know wha i mean on all the usall meds vepsl at 640 mg topiramate at 100mils o2 sumatriptans you the lot nowts doing much really lifes hard work. Any way go my hands on sum hawaiian babyrose seeds 50 off dont no what to do with them would be very gratful of any hepl please.. regards jeff
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