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  1. Thank You so much!   Columbus is only 45 minutes from us.  I am DEFINATELY going to review the list..   My husband is in his yearly cycle right now.  Like clock work.   

  2. Can anyone suggest where I can find a Neurologist in central Ohio for Episodic cluster headaches?  The list of doctors listed on this website does not show one

    in Ohio.   I have both a husband and daughter with these yearly nightmares.   Right now we hop from one neurologist to another - not finding one that specializes in that that type of headache.

  3. Thank you Boatman for your response.  I am sorry to hear the gammacore didn't provide any relief for you.  Since it is a new product, I am sure insurance isn't going to cover it and didn't want to invest money in it if people have not been happy with the results.   Like yourself it was nice to see a Cluster treatment method that FINALLY didn't involve some kind of drug  get approved and on the market...but was cautiously optimistic. 

  4. Thanks for the info Spiny.  I guess the only true way to really know is Genetic testing.  You are correct about having a head start on it.  Both my mother in law and her granddaughter have Trigeminal Neuralgia.   My husband is also episodic.  Hopefully he can get signed onto the new Elli Lilly Study that is coming next month.   I hope you have found something that has given you some kind of pain relief as you deal with this monster!

  5. Thank you for your concern.  I may not understand how horrific the pain is since I don't experience them myself..but I watch my husband go through it...now my daughter and it is unbearable to watch.  I do believe it could be genetics.  Our parents do pass on good and not so good genes..    How long have you had CB and have you found anything to provide you relief?

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