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  1. It has been a while since I visited the Clusterbuster site.  Actually, about 7 years since my last episode. I am 29 days into it again.  Pretty nasty this go around.  Thank God for O2.  

    I am very impressed with the information this site provides for everyone.  Thank you.  

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    2. jh



      It appears to be pay back time.  4-5 headaches a day. Mostly in evening once the day is over they begin.  Then through the night every couple of hours they wake me.  I am very lucky that O2 works for me.  I go through 2-3 E tanks every couple of days. 

    3. Freud


      Can you not get M tanks, my O2 supplier has given me 3 Mtanks and 1 E tank to try out. Unfortunately I need the higher flows 20-25lpm and the E tank I have only goes to 15. I could get a regulator on line but the O2 usually doesn’t work for my day attack’s and I only use the E tank in the car. That was the plan at least. 

    4. jh


      I haven’t really checked into the M tank yet.  I guess I could get one.  The E tanks as you know are much mote portable around the house.  

      Does your insurance pay for your O2?

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