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  1. Thanks to Tony and CHfather for your responses and encouragement. I will look into your suggestions. I am currently on Verapamil and have been told to stay on it until I see the neurologist - doesn't appear to be helping though. I had a week of Prednisone with the Verapamil when I was first hit with CH and the headaches ceased - or were they about to cease at that time, who knows. I have not been given the Prednisone since, I think due to the side- effects. I have tried coffee but may have done so too late - I did have trouble distinguishing between shadows and actual 'attacks' early on. I seem to have at least one attack per night (up to 2 to 3) and lasting from one hour to two and a half hours. They all seem to last a life-time.
  2. I am a 61 year old woman who started with CH on 22 September this year. I gather that my age and gender makes me a bit unusual to be starting with this awful condition. I am still to see a neurologist (can't get an appointment until January), but two doctors agree with the diagnosis and my reading on CH appears that they are right. So far none of the few meds given to me to try work and I feel overwhelmed as it is consuming my life. I awoke at 3.15 am (Australian time), with what I would say is about a Kip 7 (mildest level for a while) and got up because I can't just lay awake in bed, in pain, in the dark feeling alone and don't want to disturb my husband. My daughter has told me about MM - she read about this somewhere, but I am too nervous yet to explore this option. Another concern for me with my CH is what happens to my eye during the CH period. Since I started, my eyeball is permanently bloodshot and regularly swells on the outside white of the eyeball, so that it is very noticeable to other people and I can even see it looking out, if that makes sense. I wondered if anyone else has this symptom and will it damage my eye? The pain is subsiding now and hopefully I will be able to go back to bed because I am exhausted - had a very bad week and not a lot of sleep.
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