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  1. jkandola319

    question regarding vit m

    Hey guys, it has been 10 days with no attacks I think my cycle has ended..i was planning on taking a vit m dose of 1g and just got the vit m now. Should I still do a dose even though I feel like my cycle is over?? I came still taking verapamil.. If I do still do a vit m dose should I still do the 1g or .5g being that my cycle might have come to an end. Thanks, Jas
  2. jkandola319

    vit M instructions

    tomorrow will be my 5th day of the meds and I plan on doing a vit m dose. I used the attached link as a reference https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/yabbfiles/Attachments/Cluster_Headaches_and_Psilocybin_Treatment.htm My attacks have dropped over the past few days. before i was getting like one attack a day, but now I've had a few shadow feeling which i stopped with a coffee or monster.. I was planning on taking 1g and making it in a tee as the link says to. Anyone have any suggestions on how how much to take and how to take??? Thanks!
  3. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    Almost there guys....day 3 of 5 These monster drinks have really been helping me alot..
  4. jkandola319

    Emerg! Please help!Medication RELPAX with MM??

    Sorry to hear that... Im at day 3 on my detox..ive been drinking about 3 coffees a day and slamming down a monster energy drink whenever i get a shadow feeling. Has your "sweatheart" tried verapamil?..it has helped me alot. good luck
  5. jkandola319

    1st visit with Neuro

    Hey Vickle, I just stumbled across this thread..I also see dr gordon robinson...He is great, before seen him I used to see a nero in Kamloops where I was attending school at the time. Dr Robinson prescribed me the Imitrex for the first time and he uped my dose of Verapamil, which reduced my attacks..As for the Imitrex I do not get any side effects..the pills or nasal spray does make me tired. Anyways glad to hear you have met with Dr. Robinson he understands CH more then anyother doctor I have seen.
  6. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    thanks spiny, that makes me feel a bit more confident that i might not me chronic. day 1 with no zomag or imitrex DONE. i just have to make it to Sunday for my first Vit M dose. I had a few shadow feelings yesterday and that Monster drink really cleared it up, combined with about 4 coffees..better then taking those crap zomag and injections. Thanks for all the support guys!!!
  7. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    i really hope so too Bejeeber.
  8. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    great thanks again. i will read more in depth. I had another question reagarding the o2 tanks. I called my supplier which i used in the past with only 10lpm (which i now know isnt enough lpm). I explained them i need something with 25lpm and up and she said that is really high and that i would go thru a 2 litre tank really fast..is this normal? do you guys go thru tanks fast? or is there a special tank i can get?
  9. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    Hey MG, when i came off the verapamil i got 2-5 cluster attacks a day. I dont really get normal migraines or headaces often..just cluster attacks. when i started documenting my attacks around 5 years ago i would get attacks in episodes...usually lasting about a month..but recently my attacks started September 2013 and hasnt stopped..thats when my neuro told me he thinks i have switched to chronic..i really hope hes wrong. but this is the longest episode i have ever had. I have been averaging one attack a day since September. Thanks again for all the great information
  10. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    as for the energy drinks..am i looking for something that is high in taurine or high in caffeine...or just high in both???. I have read of taurine helping with bouts but not caffeine
  11. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    oh and keep the info coming...very helpful
  12. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    Thanks again people....I feel alot more confident now then i did a few days ago..I got alot of reading to do...and will follow up soon. Jason
  13. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    i cant thank all of you enough for all this info. I am currently taking 120mg verapamil (4-6 pills/day 480mg-720mg/day). I will be getting my 02 tank asap. Tony Only : what are these Liquorice Root and Skull Cap you speak of...sorry im at work and cant read up on it (will read on it tonight) but am curious to hear the short version. Well as soon as i get my O2 tank and flat of energy drinks i will begin my 5 days of hell..wish me luck..then i will begin my vit m......after the 5 days and the vit m dose can i take zomaig or imitrex if i am still getting these crap headaces??? Thanks again..will keep you posted
  14. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    thanks alot for all the help!!! so if i want to start the vit m...I will have to be off my zomaig and imitrex for 5 days????...I have tried in the past to taper off the verapamil and i started getting 2-5 migraines a day..i doont think i can try to taper off the verapamil....I have used o2 in the past and found it was only helpful in the early stages of an attack..like the first two mins..I also think i did not have the correct mask.. i used a sandard one that looks like a cup over my mouth and nose...i am glad to hear that the vit m i found thru a friend will work.. I will be getting it today...from reading the threads above this is the understanding i got..and please give your input. 1. I got the vit m 2. o2 tank with proper mask 3. redbull 4. 1-2 grams every 5 days (for how long?)***with no zomaig or imitrex (dont know how ima do this)*** 5. research Liquorice Root thanks again for all the help..its nice to hear from ppl that know what im going thru.
  15. jkandola319

    new comer HELP NEEDED!

    hey, i have been diagnosed with cluster migraines for about 7 years nowÂ…i have been recently diagnosed with chronic headaches, it has now been about 4 months with migraines almost everydayÂ…i am currently on verapamil and take take zomaig nasal spray or imitrex injections for attacksÂ…I am writing this post hoping someone can help me with using shrooms to put a end to this..I live in Vancouver Canada and can access shrooms thru a friend but i am a little weary as i do not know what kind of strain it will be..also i do not know much about dosage and how often to take themÂ…pleeeeeeeaaasssee heeeelllpp!