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  1. Thanks for the info! I've got a friend in Cleveland so I may take the trip this summer while I'm off school for once. Hoping to bust my cycle in the next week or so though and maybe I won't even need one as long as my current Neuro continues my prescriptions for Imitrex and oxygen! ;D Really appreciate the link though! -Joe
  2. Cincinnati Area unfortunately not near anyone that is too active to my knowledge.
  3. Anyone use these? Here's a link for more info: http://medlibrary.org/lib/rx/meds/sumatriptan-succinate-25/page/6/ Can they be extended as well? ...am I just that tired that I don't understand the method at 2am? haha Anyway, just curious. : Joe
  4. So that went...not well at all. Went to my Neuro today and asked if he had heard of anyone busting the cycle with magic mushrooms. He seemed confused. I explained their similar structure to immitrex and he just kind of brushed it off as me joking. I persisted and said that my headaches since my first dose were significantly more mild and that I hadn't started taking my verapamil or nortryptaline due to school and depression. With all the other meds my doctors have thrown at me, I just don't have the time or will power lately on top of my classes to do as well as I need to AND fight my body
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