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  1. 2 hours ago, sierra said:

    Are you sure the tank was full?  take the regulator off and just crack the valve on the tank for a second, should be high pressure escaping when you crack the valve...if not, the tank is empty.

    Yep I just assumed the op got it filled.  They are empty when you get them. shit.




  2. 2 hours ago, Laurie said:

    I do have a neurologist,  and am being treated at a headache clinic. I have tried sumitriptans, steroids, nasel spray, oxygen,nsaid,  nerve blockers, rizotriptans (maxalt), Verapamil, and anything else that is supposed to help.Nothing gives me any relief.  Believe me, I am in excruciating pain everyday. I have had mri and ct scan to rule out any thing else. It always occurs on left side, watery eye, nose, stabbing eye pain, and it feels like someone is drilling into my head.  Yes they are chronic CH. Sorry for posting, hoping for some support, but I guess this site is not what i thought it was.


    Lighten up.



  3. 35 minutes ago, kokoreli said:


    I don't know, there's one guy in my city who makes this remedy using herbs and alcohol, the ingredients are the secret (he makes money with it). I just know, that it's plant-based, it contains alcohol and helps everyone who uses it. I discovered this cure and I wanted to let everyone know about it and now you're just arguing with me. Do you think I shouldn't have told that to anybody? Wouldn't YOU tell everyone?




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  4. 12 minutes ago, CHfather said:

    Rod is right that you have to read.  But starting with some basics (and assuming that you have CH): google [goadsby treatment of cluster headache] and you'll see a straightforward discussion of pharmaceutical treatments.  The anticonvulsants (typically gabapentin/Neurontin or maybe Lyrica) are not first-line treatments, although they do work well for some people.  This is something you'll probably learn -- things that work for one person don't work for another.  Usually the anticonvulsants make you feel  addled and dopey -- but not for everyone.  You probably are not yet taking enough calcium channel blocker (verapamil, probably) to be fully effective. Dosage during a cycle can be in the 960 mg/day range -- but it should be monitored from the beginning for side effects.  As Rod says, OXYGEN is what you want most.  Be prepared to demand that.  And don't assume that a neurologist will know what s/he is doing.  You might get lucky, but most are pretty darn clueless, so be fully prepared to advocate for yourself.  (A course of steroids can hold back the pain early in a cycle so that the verapamil can kick in more, and sumatriptan injections or nasal sprays are very good for aborting attacks, though many feel that they extend cycles and create "rebound" attacks.)

    Most people find that non-prescription treatments are most effective.  The vitamin D3 regimen, described in the ClusterBuster Files section, has helped hundreds.  Busting (using psychedelic substances, sometimes at non-psychedelic levels) has been a godsend for many (see the numbered files in the ClusterBuster Files section).  Melatonin at night, starting at about 9mg and working up as needed, has helped many.  Quickly drinking an energy shot such as 5-Hour Energy at the first sign of an attack is a big help for many (for some even a strong cup of coffee works well).   

    Never assume.


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