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  1. Just spoken to him, he can get a mild headache under control with red bull and oxygen in 45 mins to an hour. If it is a bad one its nearly 2 hours.
  2. Hi, He has a tank. That is weird. What should he be doing with the air, taking deep breaths as he is now? Sorry to sound so vague with my questions and replies. xx
  3. Thanks Guys for the help. FIL is 51. i heard him say about the headaches previously but as we have never been close until now i have never experienced myself the pain i have now seen him go through. It is only until this year that i have known him to be suffering the worst ever. My RC Seeds are being delivered tomorrow. I will tell him that he needs to detox for 5 days before we can go ahead and try them. I'm quite lucky regarding the Shrooms as they grow wild in the field opposite my mums house.Will have to get in there before the youngsters do. CH Father, the oxygen seems to take about 30
  4. Hi, Thank you ever so much for your replies. FIL (Father in Law) is on oxygen 15 litres per min 100% oxygen with a non rebreather mask. He also takes 120mg x 6 per day of Verapamil and nasal sprays when needed. He also has injections but only takes them when the pain is really bad. I have ordered some RC seeds but am a little unsure as to how many he should take and when. i know you have to crush them and soak them for 2 hours in water and drink the water but when to do this i am not sure. I am going to look over the weekend for the tablets for the D3 Regime. FIL has just said that wh
  5. Hi Everyone, I wonder if you can help me. My Father in Law is suffering from Cluster Headaches. He is now into his 14th week of being off work with them, and just seems to not be able to shift them. I have joined the CB's website and have found some very useful information (Thank you ever so much) i have told him about the Red Bull that many of you have mentioned and he is starting to gulp it as i have told him when he feels an attack coming on. He has come round tonight and looks a sight. He is now having 4/5 attacks a night and they are now happening through the day. I'm really worried ab
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