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  1. Chfather, thanks so much... I will bookmark those Ebay links for when I figure out which type of oxygen tank I will get. Also for the info on the shrooms -- I thought this was the case, but the clarification puts my mind at ease a bit. I had a day (mostly) without a headache, but then tonight I noticed a cold feeling behind one eye and it started watering, and then the stabbing pain in my right temple and behind my eye started up, so here we go again. :
  2. I'm holding off on anything until I get off of the Zoloft. I don't have a doctor anymore so I'm on my own for the moment with no insurance. I figure it may take a month to get completely off the Zoloft, maybe another couple weeks to get past any side effects. Have to see how that goes, not sure how my system is going to respond to being off of it after so many years. Once I'm sure things will be okay, I'll order the seeds and/or shrooms, and give that a try. I don't think it's smart to try this stuff while still on Zoloft. Maybe I don't need it anymore, I don't know. I just staye
  3. Chfather, will any of these places mark their packages discreetly, so as not to raise any questions with the folks I live with? Thanks again. Note: I just found the answer to this question, LOL!
  4. Chfather, yeah, I'm shocked too, but not really -- NONE of my doctors has even mentioned oxygen or even offered much in the way of relief. The way I see it, rather than let them continue to choose poisons for me to use with no benefits, let me choose the poison for myself and at least try it. Cut out the middle man. Maybe get enough money to buy insurance and actually find a decent doctor. May 2011 was my 28th year anniversary for having cluster headaches. I'd like to survive to my 29th year without actually having to say, "Yes, I have a headache STILL." As for shrooms vs. seeds, I wi
  5. Hey everybody, Thanks for the lyrical stylings and advice. I have been diagnosed with cluster headaches, yes. And I have all the pain criteria anyway, but the last neuro I saw confirmed cluster headaches. As for the Zoloft -- I know much of the reason I started it was because I was in constant pain. It would keep me up several nights in a row (back in the mid-1990s), and that triggered major depression. In other words I got depressed initially because I'm always in pain and I just reached a point where I wanted out and went a bit nuts. That being said... I've already been doin
  6. Hi All, A friend of mine recommended this board to me so I'm taking the proverbial plunge. Hope I can get some help here, maybe? I have had awful headaches for almost 28 years but no medical treatment has helped. Neurologists can't even seem to figure it out. I end up in the ER a few times a year because I just can't cope with the pain, but most of the time I just end up crying and screaming into a pillow when it gets truly evil. Anyway... my friend mentioned RC seeds as a possibility. I'm sure my headaches are cluster headaches based on 27+ years of paying attention to what's going
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