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  1. Ok. I posted the translation. Here is the link of the topic: http://www.grappolaiuto.it/forum/index.php?topic=10302.0 In the translation I skipped the paragraph about legality, mainly because it is quite entirely about US. In the post there a short intro written by me. If you need only the translation write me and I'll send by PM. Thanks for the PDF about oxygen. I'll give it a look and see if there is something useful to us.
  2. I already translated the busting method... Manually, obviously. I don't like google translator... Of course I'll post the link of the original version and if you need it I'll give you the link... I just thought it was fair to notice you and have your permission, though I was sure about it.. American or Italian, our final aim is to feel better and beat the beast...
  3. Hi guys. I would like to ask you the permission to publish the translation of the file "the busting method" and the "d3 regimen" on the Italian forum. According to the netiquette I thought it was fair to notice it. So I'm waiting for you, admins, before posting it. Thank you
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