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  1. is n t there a yes concert or emerson lake and palmer playing somewhere? come to think of it those kids at the disco with the swirly lights looked pretty stoned maybe i should hang out there if its still open , been 10 yrs or so
  2. yeah i read that before , but the dude on the intrnet , just soaked them in water , the seeds i mean , said he drinks the tea , or wait pepermint extract
  3. hi , how are you , usually don t see anyone post think ch s are a rarity sorry i dont type fast , technology passed me by
  4. oh yeah btw , i have a friend who is a bit knowledgeable about stuff who told me that some of the seeds will be tainted with poisons to keep people from using them to get high should probably ask him about the flowers i can walk down the street and get tons of them , lots of people have them
  5. has anyone ever heard of eating or doing something with morning glory flowers ? saw a video of a guy using seeds to extract lsa ,but was wondering about the flowers , cause they would be alot easier to procure , or leaves bark? think that you smoke the flowers ? not sure? heard stories about kids getting high from the flowerssome kind of way but there are flowers everywhere right now
  6. these guys are gonna say that the welding oxygen is causing them , patience for now , i think that my grandma had some , but don t know what happened to it when she died, i just read the post from darkness into the light , sounds like me , just adding more and more to the drug coctail, i am gonna stop taking some of this crap it is ineffective ,now that the cycle has started twice on gabapentin , i am gonna throw it out , waste of time and money , and pretty sure the triptan drugs are useless for preventing ha s after about 7-8 hrs, have one more i ll keep for a really bad one , but it takes 35-45 minutes to work, so i am not expecting much
  7. i don t gots none but i think i figured out the rocky eye thing , cycle is starting again , must have started to fade at beginning of month , which weirdly is what i have heard before 4 mos because it was early jan when i started gabapentin same same day or two eye feels like this , this cycle did end gently though compared to last, but that only means i wasted 30bucks for pill , which not 100% sure will even help at the deep end of it , it did seem to obliterate any withdrawal symptoms from codeine though , or else i just didn t have any this time , was starting to notice i would be walking around hours after taking a pill , and then pow , just out of the blue i would be wasted out of my mind when the headaches stopped , other than that pretty obvious duh sign , didn t even think cycle was ending wonder if i can find some deceased person who left behind an o2 tank or can you just go buy one without a prescription??
  8. kind of doubt that he is a specialist , but these triptans let me get off of the codeine , without even hint of withdrawals , which is a cool side effect , trying to get off of the neurontins too , just to gauge if i am getting any better , but the longest i can go is about 7-8 hrs , before the nerves in and behind my right eye start freaking out , might try to push the limit a bit , i think i am in a low cycle or between cycles , because my eye feels really f messed up , feels like rocky s face after the fight with appollo , this is only the third time i have noticed it , not sure if the cycle is restarting , or ending? probably doesn t matter much last time only lasted for a couple of days ,but headaches aren t real bad right now , very weak , comparatively speaking , of course . and centered around the right frontal lobe , eye nerves and trigeminal nerves are not really very active during the rocky periods i have noticed
  9. do you ever feel like you were punched in the eye between cycles of headaches , this is like the third time i noticed it , each time it coincided with a break in the headaches , followed by some really bad ones again not really painfull , just feels like your eye has been pounded out of your face ,and is wounded, like rocky after apollo fight
  10. neurologist can t seem to make up his mind , seems he flip flops around , he said it was cluster ha with some type of neuralgia? last time i visited he said something about migraines? my memory being screwed up isn t helping much either 80% of what we talked about i can t remember , except that we actually talked , can t remember all of the specifics , not sure if i even care anymore , as long as i can get some work done tommorrow
  11. i was reading and noticed the blood pressure mentioned , fiorinol i take reduces blood pressure from 120/80 to about 100/80 approximately and it has the effect of keeping the headaches away 3-7 hrs , so elevating your bp is prob not good , especially if you have high numbers to begin with , sometimes i say screw it, and try to hold off taking a capsule , it is just one more headache been there before , then when it gets here sometimes it kicks your butt , hope it doesn t hit you too hard if bp kicks off one , dave iam going to try some licorice if i can buy it at the pharmacy , going there now, 4am couldn t sleep , been hit kindof lightly last two days and i hope it is over , but that usually means there is a bigger headache about to come , like it is gathering energy for my destruction , like the al bundy curse if anyone has ever seen that show
  12. functional mri ? has anyone read about these tests or know where you can go to get one ? i see pictures on the internet that show activity in the hypothalmus , which identifies a cluster haedache . would love to get one of these , but can t seem to locate a hospital that has the machine to do it ?
  13. matter of fact when i went to emergency room that night i had them check my head they did a cat scan found nothing which surprised the hell out of me because i knew something was not working right and i probably sounded like a druggy or something asking for pain medicine at the time of the accident , i hadn t taken any drugs in years , hardly even drink beer anymore since 2005 was totally astounded that they found nothing on an mri does anyone know where you can get a functional mri , i keep reading that they can see cluster headaches even out of cycle?
  14. never had a headache that an aspirin or two or a bc powder wouldn t cure ,usually brought on by drinking a few too many beers , and had a few eye strain headaches from working as a jeweler for too long , then after car crash started getting these horrible headaches , perhaps there was head trauma that no one realized or that seemed minor at the time , or maybe happened when you were very young and don t remember , just enough g force to jolt your brain ,falling off of a bike or something , sports? maybe whatever is the cause they will eventually find it , i knew immediately something was broken , but if it happened when you were young you may not have realized it
  15. point was if you get rid of the ch tri neur should be not too hard to deal with, or at least a lot easier
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