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  1. Hi Everyone, I recently turned 30 and after two years with no headaches, I began to experience my reoccuring episodic symptoms of CH and began a new bout about two weeks ago. Historically, my bouts only last two or three weeks, during which I will experience 1 to 10 CH a day/night. I am on no medication and my neurologist has percribed O2, which I have bedside. Last night I began an O2 treatment and breathed in heavily at 8 Liters Per Minute for 25-30 minutes, which was longer than planned, but when relief finally comes, it's difficult to stop. After I stopped the O2, I experienced a burning sensation in my nasal passage when I breathed in my nose, and a stinging sensation in my head and upper throat when I breathed in my mouth. This seemed to retrigger the CH and I found myself struggling to breath without pain, while increading CH pain initiated. I went back to the O2, because I couldn't take the knife in my left eye and the spreading pain. My wife was on the verge of taking me to the ER, when the CH finally seemed to settle down after I stood up and moved around a little. I wanted to write and ask the group if anyone has experienced anything similar where they perhaps overused the O2 to negative effects. Any insight would be appreciated. I'm interested in stories in which members feel changing certain behaviors or foods have extended the gaps between CH, or even eliminated them. -Nen