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  1. Sry but im in the middle of moving and have been very busy!! Whats the D3 regimen consist of? Still having odd shadow headaches...grrrrr
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier but I am the GM for 6 Tim Hortons restaurants (canadian coffee chain) and I have been crazy busy since feeling better....Yes I have the "E" tank, since I have had it I have had zero attacks...... just my luck but I am certainly not complaining! I was feeling as though I might be at the end of my cycle so to test myself I had a couple of drinks of rum. That was 3 hours ago and nothing as of yet!! This has been my longest and toughest cycle since i started having these terrible headaches...... fingers crossed!!
  3. I have the tank, regulator and a very crappy breather tube. Total cost was only $30. I have also lost all faith in my Doctor in regards to treating me with this condition. He refuses to listen to what I tell him works for others and what I suggest I should be doing and taking, he refers to my condition as cluster migraines after I have repeatedly told him they are totally different than that! I am in the process of moving to a different province so my time with him is coming to an end.
  4. Well I got my oxygen yesterday and my doc said the blood pressure meds I'm on are from the same family as verapamil so he said that was fine. Said I could drop the indo. Referred me to a neurologist but I know that will take months here. :-[. The only headache I had yesterday was a shadow headache that would just not go away and I still have it this morning. Very frustrating >
  5. Thanks again for the advice, the severity of the pain is not to bad... more annoying than anything actually but only if I catch it before it gets to bad. My next attack I will try just the redbull or 5 hour energy, if that don't help then I will take the sumatriptan and leave the indo out, you are right on the money with the stomach issues, I spend an hour on the toilet in the evening followed up with 2 immodium. I am still taking the 1 blood pressure med a day followed by the amitriptyline at night. Do you think its ok to stop taking both of them? I've been on them since this past Tuesday.
  6. Here's what happened today, while I was posting at approximately 11:30 am this morning (read above) a headache started, I took 1 50mg indomethicin and an extra strength 5 hour energy shot, within 30 mins my headache was almost completely gone!  Fast forward to tonight ( I was pain free all day) at 12:20 am I was awakened by a headache starting, I immediately took 1 indomethicin and downed a red bull that I had opened 3 hours earlier this evening so it would go flat and got almost the same results a second time, headache almost gone within a half hour ( I can just faintly feel it lurking) What do you make of this?
  7. Thank you! I guess I will stop taking the indomethacin if its not helping me. Whats CPH and HC ? So do you think I should suggest an MRI or CT scan to rule out anything? I know your not a doctor but do you think the Propranolol and Amitriptyline are a waste as well? My doc said to increase the Amitriptyline by 10mg every 3 days to max of 10 pills (100mg) a day if needed! (prescribed for acute pain I was told) I'm not about to do that! From what I have been reading they are not something I want to get hooked on, I've got enough problems on my plate now! What about massage therapy or seeing a chiropractor?
  8. Thank you everyone for the advice. I could just feel a headache coming on so I took an extra strength 5 hour energy shot and one 50mg indomethacin 10 or so mins before that and within 5 mins it has faded a bit.... I can still feel it in the shadows but it has not what I call "blossomed' into a full on attack yet, my fingers are crossed that this helps a bit. When I first started getting these 16 years ago my family doc had no idea what was happening to me, nor did I.  I turned to the internet and I kind of self diagnosed myself from the Mayo clinic site. I had all the symptoms and it described exactly what I was going through, so I referred my doctor at the time to it and after a week or so and a CT scan she agreed with what I had found. That was over a decade ago and I have not had a CT scan since, my current doc says he will do another in 2-3 weeks and refer me to a neurologist at that time if things don't improve. : I have decided to stop the what I consider heavy drinking as I personally think it is a trigger for me, I never had CH until I started drinking 16 years ago so I think it has something to do with it. What a "buzz" I'm having from that shot I took a few mins ago! I feel all tingly and sensitive...weird!! Do you think I will regret doing this later by having a huge attack ?
  9. Thank you for the reply CHfather, i figured as much in regards to my doctor and the meds he has me on. I was in emerg earlier this week and they put me on oxygen but im unsure of the flow rate and the mask was terrible, plus my headache had fully blossomed at that point so it did nothing to help. I have a follow up visit with my doc in 2 weeks and i will press for oxygen to have at home..... 2 weeks is a long way away though.
  10. Hello everyone! I just discovered this fantastic new world and all the great information in it. I have been a CH sufferer for 16 years, they cycle every 3-4 years and lasted about a week....... that was until 2 weeks ago when they returned with a vengeance! It started out as the other cycles did, one headache a day that I could almost set my watch to, it lasted about 45 mins to an hour and then went on its way. That only lasted for three days and then everything changed drastically, now I'm getting 2-3 attacks a day that are totally unpredictable and they are lasting 45 mins to an hour and a half, sometimes followed by shadow headaches that just wont go away. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Sumatriptan 50mg and indomethacin 50 mg at attack time (max 2 pills in 24hr period for both) and 1 60mg propranolol in the morning, (I have perfect blood pressure but he wants to lower it) at night I am to take 1 amitriptyline before bed. I started these meds 4 days ago, they have never lasted this long before or have been so unpredictable. I am 43, not overweight and healthy, never smoked but consider myself a heavy drinker, 26 oz bottle of rum a week. I have not had any alcohol since this started though.. I guess im just looking for some advice on why this went so wrong this cycle and any idea how long this will last. My doctor told me to drop caffeine from my diet but I seen here that energy drinks are sometimes recommended? And sorry for my ignorance but what exactly is busting? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope someone can help me.
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