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  1. I am not a skeptic..more intrigued.. bad trips are bad trips. Syrian Rue ,Harmala alkaloids. I would say your right. Â But I dont know. Wont be taking any rue with my shrooms though. :-? I am interested in this, can you explain further? bb Its bit hard on here without using certain keywords - esp unique ones that google likes to list and affiliate with peoples names etc The substance itself is not unique, but the way I have used it is, on top of that the substance itself, as I recently found out , might have some hallucinogenic properties. Id be happy to explain more via email or pm though. nomi
  2. one thing I will say is the doses I took were large , and affected me . first one was with actual mushrooms and sryian rue , and it was not good trip ( I experienced soul loss which plagued me for 2 yrs until i found a good shaman - believe what u will ) 2nd one was with a whole jar of sclerotia Id grown ( I thought seeds were dude so i took the lot , then got a nice surprise over 2 hrs later ) Again a bad trip and a mixed outcome ( perhaps due to other factors cant mention here ) I managed to cure my tinnitus ( which was chronic ) and other far worse problems related to my skull which had me housebound but I was left with anosmia . First trip was a fluke, the 2nd wasnt and gave me 100/1 hope I was begging for , the cure i needed. Unfortunately my issues with skull I mentioned are pretty bad and 2 yrs ago made worse due to unexpected factors - hence why i am housebound again , but i had almost 4 yrs were i wasnt plus the other things. ( relief from tinnitus , other issues etc " touch wood " ) My experience suggests mushrooms reacted with this other substance I took , and resulted in the connective tissue healing in areas / way not normally possible. Im basing that on my experience of this other substance Ive taken over the years, and how the mushrooms caused an instant/ powerful reaction when combined with it. That violent reaction itself is what I believe what caused the anosmia , as my whole skull was thrust forward like id been hit by a truck, some 5 mins before the " worst part " of the trip ended. A lot of this will prob raise more skepticism and questions than answers , and my ability to write is limited due to my problems. I can send my history to someone via email from my previous website , which should explain why I believe what I do. It is a long story that is still waiting to end. nomi
  3. Im not sure how , but the two times I benefited both involved me using something else at the time to treat this preexisting issue . The issue itself ( there is no symptoms like it ) is like a combination of EDS/HMS cranial settling that was made considerable worse by neurocranial reconstruction i had done - so much so i am crippled today ( in more than one way ) I can tell you what I used in private if you like , but its too risky here nomi
  4. so here is the link I mentioned. http://www.rarediseaseblogs.net/2011/07/22/the-system%E2%80%99s-broken-and-here%E2%80%99s-how-to-fix-it/ If you think about it we're all going to get nowhere with , our problems unless we unite under one umbrella, cancer / big pharma are simply too dominate . nomi
  5. Are there any other disorders or symptoms found to be common among CH sufferers ( positive or negative ) ? I dont suffer CH myself , but I have benefited from pscilocybin use as well, so Ive been interested to see if there might be any connections. thanks, nomi
  6. Hi all, I know this is my first post here , but I wanted to post this link ( which I will have to add later ) , as I think it makes some very valid points about fundraising for all rare diseases or problems such as CH when it comes to finding a solution. I dont suffer CH myself , but I have benefited from pscilocybin use as well, so Ive been interested to see if there might be any connections. thanks nomi
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