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    ** Totally FREE & effective cure found **

    Hello fellow cluster sufferers, I have been a cluster headache sufferer for the past 15 years, have spent a lot of money on different treatments including acupuncture, reiki, shiatsu and different types of massage. I even experimented with cutting out certain types of foods from my diet (dairy, meat, chocloate, caffeine) and have not touched a drop of alcohol in 3 years - but none of this helped my clusters. Oh yeah, I tried the shrooms technique, but that also had no effect for me. The episodes I have experienced over the years have luckily been quite short ones - I would only suffer during the months of Sept, Oct and November every year but the clusters themselves would get me at least twice a day most days during this time. This year I have found a totally free way of living cluster free and I discovered it by doing a form of meditation called Vipassana. I'm not here however to preach the benefits of meditation to you - but instead to explain a very simple technique that have put an end to my clusters. The meditation technique was all about 'observing' yourself - in minute detail. What I observed was that every time I was about to get a cluster, I had been tensing the muscles in the right side of my face, especially the ones around my right eye. A mirror is very helpful when looking for this evidence. The muscles under my right eye would be tense, this would lift my right eyebrow up and when I saw this, I knew I was on my way for the dreaded cluster! What I do now (very simply) is during these months, I keep a watchful eye on these muscles and on the eyebrow. If I start to feel any tensions in this area of my face, I simply relax that area and drop my eyebrow down again. The result - NO MORE CLUSTERS. I realise this is the first year I have experienced relief and things may change, but I just wanted to share this with you all. Clusters are terrible things and this cure is totally free and seems 100% effective. Oh, and I cannot recommend Vipassana meditation enough.