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    Carl Is Dead

    Carl is to be cremated on Monday 28th January. He died of a heart attack. Please pm for arrangements information.
  2. PhilW

    Carl Is Dead

    Carl collapsed and died during a go-karting session on Saturday afternoon in Tenerife. It was the penultimate day of their holiday. Brenda is back home being supported by family and friends. Carl should be coming home in the next few days. I guess the cause of death will be known once the results of the post mortem are public. Funeral arrangements are yet to be made.
  3. PhilW

    Carl Is Dead

    The linked to article does not refer to Carl.
  4. Carl is dead. That great big giant of a Yorkshire man has gone and died, unexpectedly and way too soon. Carl was fearless - a tough, proud working class fella with a generous heart that matched his 6 foot plus frame. Carl's head was lately better than ever. Last year he had one brief bout. You can imagine, or hopefully you know, what that means. He was looking forward to some pain free time in his twilight years. Sadly he did not get enough. Carl endured decades of chronic ch with no medications. So he was uncompromising in our efforts to distribute information in our uk buster wars all th
  5. Hello everyone Interesting. After several years of getting by with only O2, and largely at the insistence of my great and gobby friend Carl, I am back in the game for trying something. I'm in the UK and ordered the tincture from the site mentioned by Geordie Lass. I'll let you know how I get on. Phil http://www.organic-herbal-remedies.co.uk/liquorice-tincture-100ml-56-p.asp
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