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  1. Hey thanks for all of the replies guys! I appreciate it! I took the advice and finally got me one. It's probably not the biggest tank I would have preferred (I think it only holds 2 hours), but at this point for me, beggars can't be choosers. I'm very green on how to go about using this thing. It has the nose tubes, which I'm sure won't provide much help as i will need a non re-breather mask from what I've read. I also know that i will need a regulator, but I have a few questions though: 1) At the top of the tank there is this dial that goes from 0-8. And I think it clicks in 1/2 increments. Will I use this? Will the regulator replace it? 2) The nose tubes: Will any Non Re-breather mask replacement work with this setup? 3)This tank has a gauge on it already. Will the regulator replace this as well? Thanks in advance! Don't know what i would do without the help from people in this forum. you guys are a life savor for me!
  2. Yesterday was a great day, until about 9:00. :'( I went all day without taking immitrex, and was feeling great. I actually thought I may be at the end of this, stupid me. One came on at 9, and lemme tell you guys, it was a real humdinger. The pain was so intense, by the time i had taken the medication it had already become full blown. There was no stopping this one. I curled up fetal position in the bed, rotating Ice/heat pad, punching the bed, crying, got up pacing, went outside, threw up the other half of trex i had taken 30 minutes prior.(seemed to make things worse)I was completely stopped up on one side. The "why me" had set in real well by now. Around 11:30 I felt the immitrex start kicking in a little, and made it somewhat bearable. The relief would last about 15 seconds until an excruciating wave would come around and hit lasting around 3-4 seconds or so. I realized there was nothing i could do, so I just laid there, kind of inviting the pain in a disgusted way. This went on until after 12, when I finally just passed out/blacked out. Not sure if what i had was a rebound headache or what. So it's back on the immitrex for me. Which kind of sux, because I really wanted to give busting this thing a try this weekend. Also, I want to say how great it is to be able to explain this in a forum where people understand. the wife was really worried about me last night, and was wanting to carry me to the ER. She's seen me go through these before, although it's been a few years. Not many people can understand the pain associated with this, and i wanna say thanks to the ones that allow me to vent about this awful bas..rd.
  3. Bejeeber! You the man! Who knew those two would be so close to being the same. I never thought i could get my hands on an 02 tank that I could actually use for that kind of price. Thanks a lot !
  4. Yes I have Tucker. I wish i actually had some. I have never tried it as an abortive, but have read all of the good things about it. For some reason it is a pain getting the doc to prescribe me some. Hoping there may come a time when I don't need anything but some sort of preventative.
  5. Would love to Kymera! Actually, what i have come across seems to be some very good hydro, but I'm not so sure the species. I do know it's not shwag or even mid by the looks. I do smoke casually, but, the last time i went there (i'm sure it was mid), it turned the volume up to a 9 or 10, so i have avoided it. If only Shrooms or Lsd was as available as the green, I would be in business!
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome & info Purple. I've wondered if I could give it a go and see if I have any luck busting this cycle, but I sure didn't want an interaction problem. These past 2 weeks have been the first time i have taken Immitrex. Had it left over from a couple of years ago, when my neurologist finally diagnosed me with CH's (at the end of my cycle). At this point i don't know what I would have done without it. He also had me taking Depakote daily since then, but told me it was possible they would just go away. :-? I started tapering off of the Depakote, as it made me feel so lethargic & tired a lot of the time. Not sure if i should start back or not. Would be a heaven send if i could just "seed it up" a couple of times a year, and lead a normal life.
  7. Hey Bejeeber! Thanks for the follow up post! 5 days? Was hoping you would say 1-2. My plans were to kill this thing off this weekend. But haven't been able to go without the imitrex thus far. Is it purely a waste of time? Or is it an interaction problem if i were to go a couple of days instead of 5? My plans were to dose 4-5 HB's, (extracted) wait for the come up, and fight off nausea with a little greenery once the effects come in to play. One thing i absolutely do not want is headaches while in a alternate universe ! As far as planting the HB's, that seems like a decent ideal, problem is, i'm not that much of a gardener! If so, i might go the shroom route instead. ;D Keep "ramblin on" bro! I can use all the info you throw my way! Besides I love me some Zep!
  8. Hello everyone. New member here, and would like to ask some advice as i am at the wits end with these cluster headaches. Just a little back info on me.. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with cluster headaches, but have suffered now for 8 years.(mis diagnosed for 6 years) These headaches went into remission for the last 2 years but have come back like clockwork. I have been taking imitrex (pill form) 1/2 a pill twice a day since the middle of last week, as I am getting hit 2 times a day this cycle. I have decided to go the lsa route and will be using HBWRS this weekend to hopefully hit this beast between the eyes. My question is this: How long do I need to stay off of the imitrex before attempting to bust with the hawaiian baby woodrose?? I have read that many here prefer the RC seeds to HBWR, but this is after the fact of me ordering. After reading about the nausea involved in using this method, i have also seen where cannabis can aid in helping the sick stomach, but I'm not sure how that will work as far as the clusters go, as it has give me kip 9's before. :-/ Any help or insight on the matter will be much appreciated!! TIA
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