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  1. Ron's daughter is getting married Sept 20th and he won't be able to go to Vegas  :'(

    I am the real Lee Ann, married to the trickster Hipshot aka Dan.

    When we met Ron in Oklahoma, he wanted to sign on to the message board using my iPad. He was having trouble, so Dan offered to help. ::)

  2. Hello Everyone!

    Dan and I have been moving and have not been on the board for a while. I made a reservation today for a double bed room at the Sheraton Ohare for the 16th and 17th  If anyone needs an extra bed, we will be glad to share a room with you.

    Lee Ann

  3. The film crew just left. It was all good.  :D. Really cool bunch  Long day but well worth it.  I'll save the details and let Dan tell you all about it tomorrow. And you will have to wait for the show to air to see what I'm wearing. ::)

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