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  1. Just happened across this again, yes there is a metal collar around the probe on the end that prevents the probe going all the way in, i just used a juinor hacksaw to cut a bit off the end and that was it sorted.Been using it a couple of years now with no problems.
  2. Got this working now, fitting that came on it just needed 5mm cutting off the collar as it appears they are different sizes to prevent incorrect gas attachment but the probe in the centre is the same so I have a demand valve for £58, quite chuffed. By the way it did come with a facemask and mouthpiece both still in the wrappers and the demand valve connection is not governed by the flow dial so is getting a lot more than 15lpm.
  3. Well after a lot of asking around people that get the same tanks as me and investigating connections i have bought one of these for £58 brand new army surplus, if this works it will be a significant saving on buying a demand valve.
  4. Pretty sure i could get this to fit but i think the connection is probably regulated to the same 15lpm as the smaller one so probably not enough flow?
  5. My nose has got the better of me now so wanted to find out what this fitting was, think this is the fitting to fit the connector on my tank http://www.wtfarley.com/Schrader-Quick-Connects
  6. This is the valve on the tanks i get, is this a schrader?
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GCE-Sabre-EASE-Entonox-Demand-Valve-Hose-Kit-CD-Cylinder-Oxygen-Analgesic-System-/322938001811?nav=SEARCH. This is what I am looking at, 4th picture shows the connection, the tanks I get have what looks to be a schrader valve on them, would that fit or is it a different connection?
  8. Hi, I have started the d3 regimen about a week ago, I might have a go at making that redneck reservoir system. Is there no way to change the connector using an adaptor or could a new hose be fitted with the correct fitting. Is a regulator still needed, I thought that the demand valves worked off the principal of just opening the valve on the tank and worked off of the bottle pressure, have I misunderstood how they work.
  9. Does anyone know if o2 demand valves and o2/nitrous oxide 50/50 valves are the same, could a o2/nitrous oxide valve be used for pure oxygen?
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