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    5 hours? wtf

    Thanks-new mask getting delivered tomorrow and just bot the root and skullcap-I had o2 in car so got to it pretty quick. And the previous bad one had quick access also. As far as MRI etc I've had a couple in past, and from being so familiar with the pain it's cluster. I'm currently sucking o2 from an attack that started 10 minutes ago and seems to be working( well enuf I can think relatively straight enuf to type this) Thx all
  2. struett

    5 hours? wtf

    Thanks for suggestions, I do use energy drink at onset- I was actually thinking of trying to relax more-was golfing when the biggie yesterday hit. There have been many cycles that I get 3/4 weeks in and think I should've been busting, but when it goes away it's just one if those things I don't like to even think about-I guess I need extra push to get prepared for next time. I'll give the root and d3 a spin after I read up on them. Thx
  3. struett

    5 hours? wtf

    Been away from boards a while-im episodic(21 years) every 6-18 months get a cycle of anywhere from 3 1/2 to 6 weeks long(one 12 but dont like to remember that one) --been able to manage with only o2-no meds and can get thru but this time things changing. Im 4 weeks into cycle-mostly middle night and can knock out with 10-20 min o2 15 lpm. BUT last 2 weekends ive been hit with afternoon attack and o2 doing nothing-reaching kip 10 and lasting 4-5 hours till finally wears down to the point i can pass out I have never had attacks lasting that long at that high pain level-ive had bad days where it lingers type of thing after an hour or so but to last that long is new and as u all know really tough to deal with. ive tried rc in the past(was already deep into a cycle so not really sure if helped)
  4. struett

    Chronic vs Episodic

    Question for all u chronics out there-did many of u start as episodics then converge into chronic or was it chronic from the very start. Im a 20 year epis but cycle running longer than normal and beginning to wsitch sides within cycle--m concerned