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  1. One long shadow yesterday, one 3am wake up both aborted with o2 quite quickly. Head not so sore, neck fine. 1 sleep til dose 2. More positive today. Will keep updating. m9ndbent
  2. phew, glad its not just me. I can hear it! its like crystals popping. No idea why though, stress related? m9ndbent
  3. Thanks Davidj35 its good to know these things, they will keep me going. No CH last night, about 3 kip 4 yesterday and shadows that would not respond to taurine, coffee or o2. But still this is better than feeling like a slowed down, forgetful zombie. I had forgotten a few of the symptoms that come on into the cycle, a crunchy neck, painful teeth, sensitive head, it sometimes feels like I left my sunglasses on the top of my head or am still wearing one of my (ridiculous) hats. Oh, and to some degree, pure, helpless depression, sometimes I feel that the headaches are a punishment for feeling
  4. Oh, Damn. That hurt. Got into my teeth and everywhere. Kip 9/10 just struck me down. Kicking n screaming for 3 hours, 3 hours sleep. Think I scared my wife. I feel steamrollered. Did nearly 1/2 tank o2. m9ndbent
  5. @mad6string Oh, thanks, my browser had not refreshed so I missed your post. Just outa interest are/were you episodic or chronic? I am told I am episodic, but 7-9 months of the year I suffer. And yeah, I know the twinge of Oh Christ, here it comes..... m9ndbent
  6. I feel good, @davidj35 That is what I wanted to hear, just to confirm my suspicions. No nighttime CH. A good sleep. But this may just be an odd day of remission that I get anyway...... I suppose the ultimate test would be a pint of my favourite lager. I don't think I will risk it just yet. My first dose was Tuesday night 11pm, so the next will be Tuesday next week, a good opportunity as most of the kids (I have 4!) will be away. (I actually feel like a teenager sneaking about doing this) @Yury66 from one first timer to another, go for it.....you got nothing to lose but the pain. m
  7. Yeah, Thanks CArl, I was counting 5, but maybe I will wait a bit longer, Although I am getting what I hope is post dose hits (it would explain why the beast has/is changing sides?) I do feel better when I am between them, no shadows, head only a little sensitive etc. @Yuri66 Hi! maybe we've met before? I was also a Eurobrat, lived in Holland, Germany, France, lots of international schools, and friends who I never kept in touch with. Funny but I know of more than a few clubbers and late night workers who seem to suffer with CH now. m9nbent
  8. Ok. That wasn't too bad.... Thankyou all for the musical suggestions, I went with the Orb, Floyd, (darkside) Infected mushroom! and the KLF (white room) Dosed about 11pm, lights off, candles on. Nothing spectacular happened, all very subtle and quite like being very stoned. However, towards the end about 2am I felt like something in my head had been lifted. I had a 4am attack on the left hand side* Next day all good in the morning no shadows, felt like I had taken something, ie, bit wooly n tired. 3 attacks during the day, all quite bad kip 4/5 o2 helped but took a lot longer to
  9. Hello everyone. wow! what a quick response. Meds, yup off those, for about 6 months now, no alcohol as soon as I realised. Will write a note to myself, its just the drugs etc. Am just about to go pick up my package, so will decide what music, the Orb maybe Floyd maybe, maybe not Darkside of the Moon, maybe beachboys or just some tripped out electronica with no lyrics to focus on. Having taken just about everything else in the past, I kinda know what to expect, coming up, riding it, losing it .......however the best laid plans of mice and men etc, just been on the o2 as the beast I think
  10. Hello, Ive been lurking about for a few weeks trying to get a feel for the board before posting. I am ready now in more ways than one. So, my story............ I am a (relatively) healthy, thin, tall 39 yr old male who lives in the UK, and thinking back I can remember episodes of headpain that have woken me from sleep in a confused way for well over 18 years now. About 8 years ago they started to happen more frequently and definately when I was stressed and/or drinking. I put it all down to my lifestyle/dehydration/hangovers/comedowns/class a,b n c. substances. Then about 8 years ago
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