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  1. I came from China. I'm 33 years old.I'm a visiting scholar in University of California Riverside now.I suffered the cluster headache in past fifteen years. I am into the cluster periods at yesterday(5/27/2012) :'(. I 'd like to join the some trials for cluster headache if it is possible.My cluster periods is 1 month to 3 month,in this periods,I need suffer 40-100min left unilateral headaches of extreme intensity almost everyday. I tried kinds of therapeutic method[ch65292]Almost didn't work,The Prednisone can relieve or stop the cluster periods,but it have serious adverse events ,like face is swollen and lots of acne in my back. my E-mail:xfzhu@ucr.edu syxf2000@gmail.com I'd like to talk about experience of suffering with others
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