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  1. Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with having cluster headaches 6 years ago. The doctor thought it was stange because I was a 20-something year old female having this killer pain behind my right eye. My cluster period lasted about 6 weeks and then vanished until this year. About 2 months ago, my 18 month old son started waking up every hour (he went through a bout of seperation anxiety...) and because of this, I was not getting much sleep. Anyway, I started getting headaches again, they were painful, but I was in denial that they were the same as 6 years ago. About 2 weeks ago, my mom started getting the same kind of headaches. She went to the doctors and was diagnosed with having cluster headaches as well. We think it is strange that we are both having a cluster period at the same time. My headaches are not always so bad, I only get them at 2am, and not every night anymore. However, I always feel like my face/eye area is sore, and so is my scalp. I am afraid to go to sleep because I fear getting one of those eye splitting, painful ones, so I stay awake as long as I can and just pray that I don't get one tonight. I guess I just wanted to know how others deal with the pain and the fear that comes with it. I take 2 advil before bed since pain meds do NOTHING for the pain once it is already there. All I can do is go downstairs, get the icepack, and pace around the room. I pray, I whimper, I promise God that I will do anything if He just takes away the pain... Just glad to see I am not alone!
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