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  1. Hello! Forgive me for not being on in a while was in remission after Bust in April...Shadows back and I'm here at the confrence. I was hoping to be able to talk with someone one on one about farming my own meds so If theres anyone here please msg me. Thanks love n hugs MissGrneyedldy :-/
  2. Wish I could have made it for thurs. & fri. But nevertheless I'm 2 hrs. Away! ;D
  3. Nevermind I read up on SUNCT!
  4. 1:45am kip 6- 3:47am kip 8- 4:55am kip 7- 6:43am kip 9- Feel like the whole left side of me...has been ran over by a semi 3xs over again...Each time used O2 & did abort for me to doze back off...last hit at 6- I did O2 & redbul....;( I can handle this...right?!@#^@׿ The beast has returned! ...I've been reading posts this morning saw this SUNCT..?...What is that? Thanks for listening! :/
  5. Ok so heat has always been a big trigger for me....even in the winter if I go somewhere & their house or car is to hot oh big trigger for me....and we are at 100 according to my outside temp. Thermonitor....and its triggering a creeping shadow.....the crazy thing is is when I'm in a pf mode the things that trigger me dont trigger me i.e. alcohol, heat, perfumes...Should I worry? Too late I'm worried.....no shadow or ch since I took my med. 8:30 sun nite...no wait I had a slight shadow monday morning but it ended by noonish slept peaceful last 2 nites! I'm actually shadowing kip 2.....ugh..no... why.....Ok I can handle what ever comes....thanks for listening, nobody else around me really gets it!
  6. Slept tru the night...:-D ! Woot, woot! No shadows !
  7. Hey Ya'all, After being exactly a year Pf after a horrible 2-2 1/2 year cycle..let me tell you my 1st bust was a process...& it did'nt happen right away...I first tried the Rc seeds, to no avail . Was absolutely miseable w/ pretty much constant heavy shadow & was getting hit 3x's or more a day & the same amount of hits at night. This site its members along w/ the CH support group on Fb & its members were my saving Grace because at the time.. I had little hope or strength to even keep breathing. I detoed again & tried busting again...this time w/ vitamin M......I had a little relief, cut down on hits & shadows a bit....but I was still suffering. So again I detoxed & busted again w/ some very mild medical...(paper)....Still horrible shadows & waking up 3 xs a nite a big hit or 2 during the day....I thought it was hopeless. I didnt lose hope & tried again w/ vitamin M & bingo ;D Success! I never imagined it last a year & I got complacent... Fast foward to 2 mnts ago The beast returned at 3:30am w/ a vengence...I was blindsided by the return of our beast! I expected more hits but nothing till 2 weeks ago again 3:45am the beast Kip10 I'd say 11 if there was one...and was plauged by the return of a consistant shadow..& about 3 to 4 hits in 24....ugh! So I prepared to bust w/ tge last of the medicine I had....The heavy shadow lifted right away, yay! A lil nervous becuz the shadow has been creeping back....but I'm still very hopeful! I'm greatful ya'all are here thanks for listening..I will update soon! PF wishes n hugs to you all! Peace out!
  8. Its nice to know I'm not the only Ch sufferer in St.lous that gets hit harderthis time of year! Realisticly I'm sure there are many! Still getting hit pretty hard.:-/ Sending much Love,hugs n pf vibes to all my ch family!
  9. Thanks so much for your reply. I'm so greatful for all of you! I do understand the gravity of stopping my meds suddenly, I have had to go w/ out them at times a day or two and I think I'm just going to cut them out for 3 days for detox so I can achieve the best possible bust results. I in the past 4 days have had a full return of the beast, so far getting hit about 2 to 3 hits in a 24 hr. period...I kno that this is just the start of a dredful cycle. Yes I began the vitaman regimine yesterday & have O2 in place, I'm a coffee drinker so I just make it extra strong when nessecary.So hoping for some pf time soon.....detox sucks..thank God for O2! Sending much love, hugs & pf nite to you all [ch9829] Grneyes
  10. Hey how r you? I have a ? for ya..I kno I can reread all the info. But I've got 2 lil ones & lil time I must bust soon. Since I became pf back in april I a few months later diagnosed bipolar & add I take 200mg of seroquel & 100 mg of remeron at nite along w/ temazapam as needed in which I take bout 3 nites a week, I also take 10mgs of ritalin 3 xs a day, well I'm supose too..I actually take it as needed. I havent taken ritalin in a few days, so should I stop taking my seroquel & remeron also to detox? I think I remember from a while back I should & I have no problem doing that if I must to bust this horrible cycle that has begun. Thanks for you help....Sending much love,hugs & pf vibes ! Grneyedldy
  11. Hey Everybody! Its good to see you all still here! I had been Pf since April 15th of last year after suffering for a nearly 16 month cycle. It took a few trys but busting worked! I was so greatful to get to meet & talk w/ some wonderful people on this site....Its bitter sweet to be back! Dreding going to sleep tonite.
  12. Thanks Spiny! Yes I too drink lots of caffeine, it doesn't seem to bring on any Ch for me either. Thank for the reply. As for as my little one goes the diet is helping but not completely making him sezuire free as we had hoped but I'll take what I can get and hold out hope. So how are you? Oh and I'm never to busy to talk to a friend! Lots of love n hugs!
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