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  1. haha so do doctors, mine said that for some unknown reason it works on migraines mostly, but has been known to help for headaches.  he is basically taking a shot in the dark..  but those studies help back it up

  2. cool info, thanks!  looks to be somewhat promising, and since my headaches are so mild recently compared to most people on this site, it might be just the thing i need.

    Ill be sure to follow up in about two weeks and let everyone know how things are going

  3. marijuana and alcohol, not much else seems to set me off.  chocolate maybe.. but ive been experimenting more and more recently and chocolate seems to be safe for now. 

    sleeping in a little too much in the morning and i can wake up with a little dinger

  4. hi everyone, i did a search of the site and didnt find anything on gabapentin, but as we've tried everything and anything, I'm sure someone has experience with it..

    i went to my GP today and asked for an o2 script, as i thought it might be cheaper than getting those aviator tanks ive been hearing so much about, but he wasn't sure how to go about getting it and is doing some research on the matter.  anyways we decided to try out some gabapentin, anti seizure meds which also help with limb pain? something like that.  he said for some weird reason it works on headaches.. he has no idea why.  i told him about busting and he certainly wasn't all for it, in fact kind of against it.. i changed subjects.

    busting does work for me but im out of supplies at the moment and am just curious about other meds while a new batch of mushies grow...

    so gabapentin... anyone?


  5. ty AO, ive always been the paranoid type who goes to the internet to see what everyone else had to say first, and lump myself into the majority... which is totally wrong!  Ive been putting off a diary for a while but i think its def time to start

  6. did you know the anesthetic ruined your bust right away, or a few days later?  im pretty confident that it didnt ruin it so far, as well as the narcotics.  i took an endocet (generic brand percocet?)  2 hours ago and no pain, so im remaining hopeful!

  7. thanks!  unfortunately i have run out of stuff to bust with, time to look into some seeds.  i was hoping this last bust did the trick, it certainly seems promising so far.  I am worried about the anesthetic but hopefully i just wont react to it.  If i do, they will have o2 ready..

    thanks again!

  8. So i'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and they are putting me fully under.  for the pain afterwards, they are giving me vicodin, i may ask for percocet instead, when i broke my hip it worked much better for me.. although that was like 8 years ago.

    I'm pretty sure its been said before, but just checking if the anesthetic or painkillers might be a trigger?? I've been PF since sunday mostly, just some really mild shadows for long stretches of the day.  I dont want to ruin it with the pain pills!  but theres nothing i can really do about the anesthetic...

  9. haha i dont smoke pot in cycle, thats for damn sure!!  but i do out of cycle.. sometimes.  and the 'withdrawals' really exist, and pot is not physically addictive like cigarettes, but in my case (and others') extremely mentally addictive, i felt like i couldn't do anything if i wasnt stoned... it takes about two weeks of not smoking/feeling like crap to be like WOAH life can be fun!  and clusters helped me bust that habit... I'd say the ONLY good thing they have done for me.  problem was they forced me off of my favorite drug, so it wasnt my choice... which makes me want it a lot of the time.....

    anyways, 4 days PF since my bust sunday.  WOOOOO

    Hi Dan,

    Not addictive in the sense that heroin is addictive; more in the sense that Gummy Bears are addictive.


    i think they say that junk food is just as addictive as cigarettes??  i think my dad might have mentioned that so its credibility is practically non-existent, but for people who are really used to eating junk food, they need it. 

  10. oh yeah ive been "pain" free (our kind of pain, the real pain) for a few days after the bust but sleeping in past 9 or so makes me have a shadow consistently throughout the day.  anyone else?  doesnt matter when i go to bed, i went to bed at 2 the other day and slept til 730 and was fine. went to bed last night at 2 and slept til 1030 and felt the shadow at about 930 when i woke up for the first time, then went back to sleep for a bit.

  11. I had a funny realization the other day.  for the past month while in cycle i noticed i wasnt sneezing like i normally do.. i have mild hayfever so dust, pollen, cats/dogs/horse barns really set me on a sneezing frenzy... but i was like oh wow it must be this nasonex spray they gave me to clear my sinuses.  but i busted the other day, have been feeling great, and still using the nasonex like normal but im sneezing again, at regular stuff!

    Now that i think back im pretty sure i didnt sneeze during my last cycle, either.  like 60% sure, i didnt really take note of it then cause it was during the winter. 

    just posting something interesting, anyone have any thoughts?

  12. i ski'd into a tree and broke my hip when i was younger, luckily i was wearing a helmet but i smacked into the tree hard enough to put some bark in my face and get a nasty impact/flesh wound on the same side as my clusters, just under my eye and next to my nose.

    i had had the cluster feeling before, when withdrawing from pot, but i thought they were withdrawal headaches -- the came at the same time every day, for only a week. 

    the time the clusters really settled in was when i had a seizure smoking weed, the next day i smoked and an hour later BAM cluster out of nowhere.  i continued to smoke for  a few days after and EVERY TIME cluster, i was bummed.

    its been a struggle since then...

    good luck to you!

  13. yeah my ch has been very weird lately, ive been busting and stuff but one day i busted way too early (liek 3 days after previous bust) because im an idiot, and had like kip 3 aches, enough to annoy me.  so i am able to go in to work (liquor store, ironically) grab a red bull and excedrin migraine cause i dont wanna take an imitrex PILL, and have some cigarettes.  within a half hour im fine, then i hang out and talk to people.  then leave, feeling better. 

    but im totally not considering steroids anymore, thanks for the (scary) info

  14. tl;dr at bottom

    So when i get hit hard i have a routine i follow... just to kill time til the imitrex kicks in.  recently i've added visiting my workplace, as i like the people there and its a way to kill time until the pain resides, a sort of distraction if you will. 

    well, i was talking to a guy who i dont usually see at work, he works days and i work nights.. he said he used to have cluster headaches and doesnt anymore and i was like HOW DID YOU DO THAT..

    he claims he went to the hospital and they gave him steroids, a single injection, and he has never had a cluster again... this was only back in march 2008 mind you, so he could relapse, but still... any news on the use of steroids to stop the clustermonsters for good?  I'm gonna do my own research but let me know if any of you have any input!!!

    tl;dr, do steroids stop clusters?