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  1. Hi Bejeeber, Thank you for the welcome, I am just a noob to meeting other CH suffers, it had just been me and my doctor and family who have been going through the motions of my condition. I have not surfed the web or anything to learn other treatments but what my doctors have been doing is not working so I became desperate and made a post on my instagram to reach out to others who might have CH as well. Sure enough a follower of mine suggested I come here and to join the Facebook groups out there and now I am here. Many have suggested to take mushrooms and I am very open to finding ways to stop the pain, I am at a point I do not care what it is I just want it to stop, but finding them is another chore in itself. Thank you for the links I will look at them when I get a chance to get to a real computer.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome Trace, I look forward in learning new ways to beat my pain. It is ruining my life, I can not leave my house very often for fear of an attack or a migraine, my condition is debilitating. I have heard nothing but good things about this fourm. You seem to be another happy person.
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Darby and I live deep in the forest of Sweden with my family. I searched the forum for an introduction post but failed to find one. So please forgive me if I had missed it. People have been recommended for me to join the fourm so I thought I would give it a try. I only have mobile surf and the rest of the website is not loading on my phone, but I will read around the forum. I have been diagnosed with three forms of head pain; tension headache, migraines, and CH's which all are chronic and have not found anything that has helped me and am in constant pain from one or the other. I hope to get advice that might work for me here.
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