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  1. Wauw! Intense experiences, thanks for sharing. The deepest I have gone with meditation was when I experienced something called Kundalini. I never heard of it before I got it, I looked it up later to find out what the hell that was because it was a combination of sensations I never felt before. It happened after I started meditating at 3-4 months, pretty consistent every day in the evening at least 20min in complete dark, absolutely quiet. It was like a burst of energy shot up my spine reaching my head, the third eye if you will, when it got there my whole body started vibrating not physica
  2. Thanks for the replies! It's funny how the mind works that way. Different methods to get to similar states of mind. Haven't tried the adult topic way but it sounds appealing Although there are similarities I do have to say recently when I busted again I got reminded how different it is as well. Closed visual hallucinations, distorted ideas and perceptions, etc which meditation does not produce for me. @DrTy2 you're probably right about the chemical molecule. It's that big anti-inflammatory action we need. I'm going to keep trying. Articles like this give me hope, http://www.news.wisc.
  3. They are researching the similarities between taking psilocybin and deep meditation. Personally I've been meditating pretty consistent for the last 2,5 years. Unfortunately I still have cluster headaches but I wouldn't say they've gotten worse. I'm sure meditation has some positive effect! I'm not trying to convince anyone to start meditating, you'll know when you need it. Just thought it's interesting. S. N. Goenka, who died just last year at 89 and popularised Vipassana meditation actually started the practice because he had a headache which no doctor could treat at the time. They d
  4. http://www.fluoridealert.org/issues/health/pineal-gland/ Came across this rather disturbing information last week. Does any of you try to avoid fluoride? This image is pretty messed up
  5. Interesting topic! According to the wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone#Regulation). Environmental factors affecting testosterone levels include: These are all in the regimin suggested by Batch, seems related to testosterone then or does it have another explanation?
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