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  1. wing_nut

    Letter to employer and family?

    Dallas Denny, you are awesome. Thanks
  2. Years ago I downloaded a generic letter to employers and family from the clusterhead website. Does anyone have a copy of that? or know where I can find it?
  3. wing_nut

    recommended doctor list

    Thanks jon! I will check it out
  4. wing_nut

    recommended doctor list

    Does anyone have a good doctor in the Seattle area that doesn't take 6 months to get into?
  5. wing_nut

    Anyone experienced that an Airplane is a trigger?

    Thanks all. I did my seed my dose the night prior to my flight last week, and it was successful.
  6. I am an episodic and in cycle right now. I have recently taken two flights and got hit on both of them. Anyone else experienced this?