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  1. Hi Sid I've used RC successfully a couple of times in the past using Moxiegirl's recipe, although I drank the sludge as well as, in the absence of any scientific evidence, I didn't want to waste anything. I asked, and got answers to, a lot of the questions you may have on this thread: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5193-when-to-stop-busting/?tab=comments#comment-53752 I was interested to see that some people recommend using a coffee filter to get rid of the sludge, and I think I'll give it a go in future as I find it quite disgusting and it leaves me feeling a bit nauseous for a few hours afterwards. The whole thing is about trial and error, self experimentation and using the excellent advice from the great people on this forum. Very best wishes and good luck.
  2. I've just watched a programme on BBC called Doctor in the House where a GP goes into the home of someone who has a seemingly intractable problem and tries to help them. I was drawn to this particular episode as it was advertised as being about a woman suffering from cluster headaches (I've been episodic for about 20 years). It was obvious from the outset that this poor woman was having terrible problems but it wasn't long before I realised that whatever it was she was suffering from it wasn't cluster headaches. This GP obviously didn't have a clue what he was talking about and started looking at her diet and general lifestyle without any reference at all to current research, treatment options, associated symptoms and anything else that might have given some information, help, hope to cluster sufferers. He recommended that she changed her diet (without giving any reason why or to what purpose), consult an osteopath and a chiropractor and reduce her stress levels. It turned out that her (obviously extreme) headaches were probably caused by a neck injury she suffered as a teenager. Whilst I'm really pleased he may have found the cause of her problems and therefore potentially effective treatment, I feel quite appalled that there was no acknowledgement that it wasn't cluster headaches she was suffering from, thereby perpetuating the ignorance that seems to be a predominant factor in the lives of us clusterheads. I know this will probably only be relevant to UK members (although I'm sure it's available on YouTube etc), but it made me so angry I felt I had to vent my spleen somewhere.
  3. I'm actually feeling quite overwhelmed by all this niceness, and there's a strange irony here. I've been PF since I posted the first message (3 days), and part of me thinks that by taking a stand and not giving in I've scared it away (like standing up to a bully). Either that, or the fact that it's a holiday weekend over here, which has meant friends, family and a lot of wine. Strangely, unlike most CH sufferers, alcohol isn't a trigger - sometimes I can go whole drinky weekends without any pain at all, only for them to come back as soon as I'm back in the usual work/dinner/TV/sleep/alarm at 5.45 routine (I'm not advocating raging alcoholism as a viable alternative!). Maybe (fingers crossed, I may have come to the end of the cycle - previous ones have lasted anything from four to 12 weeks), but until I've gone for a full week I won't hold my breath. Whatever the outcome I've decide I'll go for the RC on Thursday, and then maintenance doses every three months - there's a helluva lot to learn, and I feel I've got some good teachers.
  4. Hi again Thank you all so much for the information and support. For the first time in the 15 years or so since the beast first came calling, I'm in touch with people who know what they're talking about. Sorry I didn't really introduce myself in the initial post (typical British reserve - we're famous for it!). I was "fortunate" enough to get diagnosed immediately by the only useful GP I've seen (he suffered from them himself - how's that for serendipity?), but since then I fell in love, got married and moved away, and the only responses from GPs I've had since then have ranged from blind ignorance to outright hostility. So, basically, I've given up on doctors and tried to "tough" each episode out. I realise that in the CH spectrum, I'm at the lucky end (though when I'm whimpering, sobbing and mopping the tears and sweat with a towel at 3am, I don't feel too lucky). So, I'm episodic, around every 18 months to two years, nearly all the attacks come at night - roughly every two-three hours, with each attack lasting around 40 minutes from being dragged out of my sleep to feeling well enough to go back to bed. Not sure what the situation is with oxygen on your side of the pond, but as far as I'm aware, over here you can only get it on prescription - which means doctors, and to be honest, when I'm in an episode, I just haven't got the energy to fight the system. So, guys, I shall definitely have a go at the D3 and Omega-3, and see what those innocent looking little seeds can do. Thanks again for your friendship and support, and I'll let you know how it goes. Zak :-]
  5. Hi all Thanks for the great website - it's encouraging to know that progress is being made. I'm about 4 weeks into cycle at the moment and am going to try my first bust using RC on Thursday (day off work). I've read on the board that kudzu can interfere with the absorption of psilocybin, and just wondered if it's the same with RC. I'm not even sure the kudzu's working although I've noticed a slight dip in the severity from K7/8 to K5/6 since I started on it about a week and a half ago (every little helps). Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Zak
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