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  1. I am having serious clinical depression issues, my wife is thinking about leaving me if I don't address this issue. I have been busting for a couple of years and it has been working well to combat my CH. my question is what depression med would be least likely to block my busting. Once you get on a depression med you cant really get off of it. any Ideas
  2. As a new member to the board, I'll just say I love it no matter how convoluted it gets. I sometimes spend time at CH.com, but I spend time reading this board almost every nite. Everybody is really nice and supportive of one another. The busting info is important...but mostly I think I come here just to remind myself that I am no longer alone. I wouldn't change a thing.
  3. I really think my cycle ended...maybe the seeds helped...hard to say, since the headaches had been lessening the week before busting. My trigger seems to be head colds and hay fever...congestion events. Is that unusual? I usually have about one such event each season. I have only been experiencing clusters for 4 yrs and only this last cycle did I find out was they were. So far each cluster cycle has been different from the last. Each one has been longer and more intense than the last. Will a consistent pattern evolve over time? I know I'll be much better prepare this next time around!
  4. yes cycle does seem to be over. I have now worked two full weeks, and am just having normal stress headaches... no cluster attacks... and I am equipped for the next round. So bring it on! 8-) (just not for a while please) I can't thank you guys enough, just knowing your here makes a huge difference ;D
  5. 15 lpm regulator arrived today along with a cheap non-rebreather mask...I'll get the optimask later...lost alot of hours at work this month, things are kinda tight. this should work for now.
  6. ok so here is what I did... I've used psychedelics before, so I kinda wanted to enjoy the experience, and felt like I deserved a little fun after the month of hell I had been though. I ground up 100 seeds, with the intention to share them with my wife, in a coffee grinder. added about 6 oz of dechlorinated water and a few squirts of lemon juice...put in the fridge for 2 hours stirring occasionally. divided the vile concoction in half...and slugged my half down. My wife made the mistake of stopping in the middle of her half which cause her to taste it...so that was it for her and I drank the re
  7. have tank...15 lpm regulator has been ordered and is in transit...as is a mask I've had good nites sleep for 5 nites now, until tonite. I went to bed at midnight and woke at 1:30 with a low level attack. busted friday nite with RC Seeds...I really thought my cluster cycle was ending. Oh well...headache is under control, so I'll head back to bed and try again. Can't complain...this week has been so much better than the last few!!
  8. got a full night's sleep last night with no attacks YEA! had a small attack later this morning...no big deal starting to feel better over all...but my head is still sore and there is still constant low levels of pain...in my younger days I would have called this a bad hangover...now I call it progress! still no help from the med supply people... screw 'em I'll order my own stuff
  9. Just wrote a very long and heart felt post my shaky fingers hit a wrong button and it all disappeared to summarize went to the ouch recommended Dr in my area today...very positive experience. was given an O2 script and a shot of toradol and a script of same...any info on toradol would be appreciated. went to the medical supply place where difficulties began they gave me an E tank with a 5 lpm regulator and a cannula it was all they seemed to have...clueless as to CH so now when I am in the throws of an attack, I can look at my shiny new O2 setup while rocking and moaning : will
  10. SEEDS ARE ORDERED!! will shoot for drop date of friday night next order of business is the detox process mostly I am just on lots of vitamins I do take 1mg of xanex each nite before bed as always keep the positive thoughts coming please and continue to add suggestions as you think of them Thank you to you all
  11. Thanks everybody...things are much better today when the night hits came last night I got up and slammed 8oz of cold water instead of redbull...then went outside where I have a ski slope cleverly disguised as a driveway...I walked down the driveway and then sprinted back up. did this 4 or 5 times which got my heart rate up... came back in, did some deep breathing, drank more water and was ready to go back to bed. did this entire process 3 times last night. after the last time I was able to sleep for 4 hrs ;D am taking the day off work without pay, just some minor issues so far today, nothi
  12. update, had another big attack, a k-8 while my wife was away buying more energy drinks...tried everything I could think of to abort it early to no avail. Used hyperventation to control the pain...or to distract myself from the pain, not sure which. it lasted about 30 mins. after it was over I leaned back to relax and fell asleep for about and hour, triggering a K-6 attack. the upside is I got a little rest...the downside is this has been the most painful day of my life. But I'm still here!
  13. would aerobic activity between attacks help I could do that my head is very sore in several spots
  14. just had another attack, different than the others ... duller maybe k-5 or 6 seemed almost like some sort of rebound from the big one I can not possibly imagine trying to run or do aerobics during these bigger attacks I can barely walk during them been taking steam showers...holding scalding hot cloths on my face...slowly pacing by the microwave. heat cloth for 10 seconds, apply to face for about a minute or 2, rinse and repeat. lots of rocking and moaning. Tried the head in the freezer trick that helped some. have decided to bite the financial bullet and try to see a headache specialist
  15. just had a k-9 very extreme ... had an complete breakdown emotionally ... seem to be reaching a crisis level and really need help please
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