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  1. Well I'll be damned if I haven't come back to life!! Thank you to our fearless leader and my friends who voiced there concerns and urged me to stay on the board.....I think ya'll knew I wouldn't stay gone anyway but I was fairly well pissed off when I started this thread (still can't believe fustercluck was still available)!! So, I will continue to support both this board and the Facebook group...and now that I KNOW there's a mobile version, I'll continue to refer folks on the Facebook group to CB. However, I am going to continue to keep it real so the remainder of this post is the feedback
  2. This is Dallas Denny and this will likely be my last post on my beloved forum... This change totally sucks out loud!!! When Bob told me in a text that this was coming, I had hopes that the change would draw some folks back to the board from facebook!! Sadly, IMHO, this will not as it is totally feckin useless on a mobile phone!! Peace..out!! DD
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