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  1. I've had episodic clusters for over 15 years and for the first time after the cycle stopped I've been experiencing shadows multiple times a day for about two weeks. They may last up to 30 minutes at a time with mild pain behind my eye. Usually once the cycle is done that's it till it returns. Just wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks
  2. Looking for advise on dosage of CBD to help bust, lessen the pain and reduce daily attacks. I've been searching articles and research studies, but wanted to see what most in the community were doing.
  3. I am taking 9 mg of melatonin. After my episode last year my neurologist suggested I take the melatonin in this fall to help with prevention. I was using an O2 tank with a non rebreather at a minimum of 15 liters. I seemed to get a little relief, nothing great and it also seemed inconsistent. I would use it prior to and during a CH. In terms of the D3 regimen, was it used for a deficiency? I recently had bloodwork for a different reason and all levels were normal. I'll definitely look into the regimen. Thanks
  4. I've just started taking melatonin to see if that helps per neurologist advice. To be honest nothing has worked I the past. Tried all sorts of things. Series of steroids, triptins, nasal sprays, 100% Oxygen, opiates, verapamil. I just grin and bear it for the most part as I know there is an end to the episode.
  5. Fairly new to the site and this is my first post. I've been an episodic sufferer for 15 years and seem to get my CH attacks in the spring or fall, sometimes every year or every other year. No real pattern. I have noticed with the past few episodes that they seem to begin with very mild 2/10 type clusters for about a week or so before my full blown 10/10 attacks. I was wondering if anyone has these types of symptoms prior to an episode and if they have been successful with aborting the full blown clusters when these mild headaches begin.
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