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  1. Not so much the source of fluoride but the calcification of the pineal gland from fluoride itself. fluoride can be eliminated from the diet.
  2. if the pineal gland produces natural DMT in your brain and it is calcified and doesn't let the DMT produce This seems like a good trigger for CH
  3. it would be worth your while to read the other posts on this website to find out what the different drugs cluster heads take to help them get rid of the headaches and or what they do if they don't get rid of your headaches.I am NOT an expert but have tried verapamil which gives me a headache (not cluster) imitrex or sumatriptan which causes rebound headaches for me every over the counter pain medication which Causes reboundheadaches and sore stomach kidneys and liver I am currently taking oxygen to help subside my headaches before they get so bad that I can't deal with them seems to help me a great deal and am also taking magic mushrooms which I don't really know whether they work well work a little bit or not at all for me please read the other post some people are much more in depth with how these medications work and whether they worked for these people are not
  4. magic mushrooms seem to help a lot of people with cluster headaches I don't know how to rephrase the last reply because it doesn't make any sense everybody who has cluster headaches and they have them has tried drugs to get rid of their cluster headaches whether they say they use drugs or not drug drəɡ/ noun 1. a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. "a new drug aimed at sufferers from Parkinson's disease" synonyms: medicine, medication, medicament, pharmaceutical;
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