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  1. 2 years of being chronic. its just starting to wear on me now. my job is ready to let me go because after 2 years of keeping in hiding its now been outted that i have a "neurological problem". its been rough the past two years but now im at my wits end. almost ten years at my job but now im a safety hazard because sometimes i cry from one eye at work. i just dont know how i can keep this together. if you have been diagnosed you know that all the tests, MRI's, bloodwork and visits to find your solution will break your bank. i just feel like this cycle may never end. all the makeshift masks i have built. all the bathroom triptan shots that all were for nothing. i wish i was never diagnosed and just banged my head against the wall and figured it out on my own. i went into hiding because of the way people looked at me and fear of losing what life i wanted to keep. now im just feeling alone. not going to do anything stupid just down also i added a pic of my mask. every doc i spoke to ordered the wrong one or it stunk. this cost me 30 bucks 3m paint respirator "half face" used the 2097 filters cut the plastic piece out of one of them slipped the corner of a gallon ziplock bag through the inside and then pulled it around and attached it to the mask. poked a hole in the bag for the o2 line and used a o2 line barb to connect it. at 15 liters per minute it will fill the bag and constantly flush o2 through the mask. also this mask you can completely breakdown, clean and order new parts easy. looks cheap but it makes a seal and worked for me. also never sealed the one side just left the filter on because if the bottle runs out i didnt want to asphyxiate. i also dont attach the back of the mask for the same reason
  2. I usually try to mask the situation with just plain water. pounding a liter of water right at first glance of it. usually in 10 mins im allready on the back end of it.
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