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  1. Hi Grace, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had some headaches the last few nights. I had two pregnancies with CH and it was different for each. I hope the info below helps. My doctor was comfortable with oxygen being used during my pregnancy with the first, and while nursing with the 2nd. During the first pregnancy (15+ years ago), I was CH free through most of the pregnancy, and then when I got to the last 6 weeks, I started to a full blown CH cycle. I tried oxygen then for the first time that pregnancy, with my Dr.'s okay, and it did help some. Not being able to use other medications was rough, but there weren't many other options. I did try meditation tapes for times I didn't catch the CH in time, and I do think that helped me keep a little less anxious during the CHs. The doctor agreed to induce me at 38 weeks, as I thought the shift in hormones might break the cycle. It took some convincing, but he was willing once we got to 38 weeks. I actually had a CH during labor, but literally a day after she was born, the CH cycle ended. With my next baby (10 yrs ago), I was fine the whole time, but I did end up starting a cycle a week after he was born. It definitely felt like the huge hormonal shift after birth triggered it. I used oxygen again because I was nursing him, and I also took Verapamil with Dr.'s okay. Sending you good thoughts!! Lori
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