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  1. Jon, thanks for your response. Unbelievable that Medicare would just outright deny the existance of a medical condition so impactful (to put it mildly) to those suffering from it. With regard to your suggestion about self pay, I proposed that yesterday and they weren't amenable, although the guy did mumble something about it being an old prescription. He also said that if the Rx was something related to a respiratory condition, that Medicare might change their tune. Thanks again for the advice, and for all who support this site and provide their expertise and experiences.
  2. I went to Apria today to get Oxygen tank refills, and they told me that Medicare won't cover them and so they were cancelling my account. I know this is has been a continuing battle for some time now. I guess I have been lucky up to now. Can someone point me to a source or fill me in on the latest on this front? Is there any hope of getting medicare coverage?
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