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    Hi, I have suffered from episodic CF for about 12 years. Usually I get a cycle that lasts around 1 month a year. I have tried many options to cure it. 1. Oxygen works well but, as you know, it is difficult to move around. And it does not abort a cycle, it just makes it less painful and each attack less long. 2. Veropamil worked wonders the first 2 cycles. It cut the cycle. But on the third cycle it made the pain less strong and I had less individual attacks, but I still had almost the whole cycle. I also took this with other anti-inflammatory medication. So this option makes it more tolerable but it seems to be wearing off and I am not very excited of increasing the dose. 3. LSD has also been an experiment but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. -I have been taking LSD for 2 years and perhaps, these 2 years have been the ones where I have had more CH cycles…Not as strong, but more cycles. I tested the acid with PEN TEST and it seemed to be LSD. -I have noticed this year (3 times) that when I take LSD (I think around 30-60 micrograms –or sub hallucinogenic levels-) I get a CH cycle weeks after… -perhaps I am taking too little? -perhaps there is a form a rebound? Although last year that I took small doses of LSD through the year (10 times) the rebound effect did not happen, but I also met no recognizable improvement in CH. -When I have tried to “bust†(again with around 30-60 micrograms) during the LSD effect I get no pains. This is also due to the fact that I take the LSD during the day and I get less headaches during the day…Pains gradually start the next day. 4. Psilocybin has been similar to LSD but gentler. The effects are less lasting and it is easier to go to sleep. But I also don’t know if I took the right amount. This cycle I have taken 2 doses. (Barely felt the effects) About 5 days apart without other medication –except oxygen- and the cycles is not too strong, but it keeps coming like a growing tide… Usually after my trials of “busting†do not work I go back to verapamil. CONSLUSION “Busting†does not work for me. I am not doing it correctly Frequency of use (It is not too clear for me) Dosage (I could not find a more specific answer of how much LSD to take…) LSD and psilocybin may cause a sort of feedback and trigger an episode. Thank you