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    1st bout with CH

    It's been exactly two weeks since I started this terrible journey. Two weeks ago went to doctor with the worst pain I've ever felt in my right eye, tears occasionally dropped out of eye and the pain radiated into my jaw and ear. Was prescribed blood pressure meds due to my BP being so high, also prescribed propanlolo, ran out of the propranolol yesterday and have had the most intense episode for 8 hours straight now! Can anyone recommend another prescription to help me tone things down quickly, hoping to get into a specialist soon but nobody can see me for at least two weeks.
  2. kuhrnes

    1st bout with CH

    Thanks guys, back at my family doc today to ask for more meds until my appointment with headache institute of San Antonio in a few weeks
  3. kuhrnes

    1st bout with CH

    Propanolol for the Bp