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  1. Thanks so Much CHfather. I will try every thing you suggested in your reply. hopefully some thing will work for me . Thanks again E
  2. Hi all, I'm new here. I live in the Caribbean and were I live there is no Specialist for Headaches . I had to do my research my self and found out about Sumatriptan. But on My island I can only find the 50mg tablets . I started using Sumatriptan and now I read a article saying that Sumatriptan makes the cycle longer and the CH worse. Is it better for me to stop using Sumatriptan? all the other medicines/mushrooms/seeds etc mentioned in this forum are not available were I live or they are sold under different names. Bassicly my question. is it better to not take anything then to take Sumatriptan tablets that take 60/90 minutes to work. Does anyone know if Cinnarizine ( an antihistamine)helps.. I read that half of a 25mg Phenergan dissolved in water helps which also contains Promethazine which also acts as an antihistamine.. Im asking this here because when I go to my Docter he tells me to take Paracetamol and to exercise more . they have no clue about CH. thanks in advanced
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