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  1. Thanks guys. I'm getting in contact with a headache specialist. I'm still wondering if maybe I don't have cluster headaches since the mild pain above my eye has been pretty constant for the last while. Then today woke up with the eye being quite red. Likely unrelated but who knows.
  2. Thanks again for the help. I'll look into a headache center. I also just read about how flying tends to trigger episodes for some people - I got back from some long international flights just before the pain started again. There's good info on this site. I'm not happy to read about other people suffering, but it's somewhat reassuring to know others can empathize.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I've had one more moderate episode this my last post. I finally went to an ENT today and he doesn't seem to think it is a sinus issue. Although some of my signs seem to really point to sinuses he said my CT scans didn't look correspondent to the type of pain I had experienced. He said a lot of head pain gets misdiagnosed as a sinus problem...like was mentioned in this post. He looked up my nose with a camera (not fun) and said although I have a deviated septum it shouldn't cause this. Although he said it isn't his speciality he also suspects cluster headaches. For my next step I'll try to find a headache center. The ENT recommended I see a neurologist but this post already recommended I don't start there. I need to do some more research, but do cluster headaches ever become chronic? For the past few weeks I've developed the same pain but now it is constant and mild...like maybe a level 2 pain. It comes and goes a little bit but is pretty constant.
  4. New here. Last December I experienced some extreme headaches that would hit suddenly and last for a few hours to half a day. They came back each day stronger for a few days until I ended up in the ER with the right side of my face/head going numb. The pain was focused above my right eye and caused a lot of vomiting from the pain. The hospital did a CT Scan and said they think it is related to my sinuses. While there my heart rated started dropping below 30 bpm so they also did an EKG which turned up normal. Since then I've had 2 more "episodes." The latest started yesterday. The pain usually goes away after experiencing a popping sensation where the pain is focused. I had a cold last week so I still have reason to believe it is related to sinuses but I've also had a nurse and doctor tell me they think it sounds like cluster headaches. I'm setting up an appointment with an ENT but I was wondering if this correlation sounds familiar to anyone else. Do people with cluster headaches often have sinus issues or find that the clusters start around the same time as a cold? Sorry for the long read...ended up typing more than I intended. Thanks for any help.